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Reliving My Last Warner Bros Studio Tour Trip

As I’ll soon be visiting Warner Bros Studio Tour London with my best friend, Ali, to see Hogwarts In The Snow, I knew I just had to relive my last visit there since it feels so long ago! Between not having the money to travel down to lots of real life stuff happening, I’ve had to wait a very long time to return my most favourite place in the country! In a way, I’m glad it’s taken so long for me to come back because so many things have been added since that last time from the wand training to the Hogwarts Express!

The lovely people at the Warner Bros Studio Tour London had created a brand new area: the Forbidden Forest! That scary forest at Hogwarts where the trio was sent to do detention and Harry met Voldemort for the first time since he was a baby! Home of the giant spiders, a wild flying car and the centaurs!

You just know it’ll be an epic place to create and visit!

To warn you, this post will a photo-heavy post so grab your tea/coffee, a snack and get ready to scroll as you check out my attempts at photography! There were so many amazing props and costumes to document and I couldn’t get everything! If long posts like this aren’t your thing, check out my video and it’ll go by so quick!

For those of you who like photos and my rambling, let’s get started, shall we?

One of the things I was most excited to see was the true place of the Hufflepuffs: our House table! I wished so many times that I could get the chance to sit there with my friends and eat food, but it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe if I gather enough money together, I’ll be able to attend an event there and let it almost be like Hogwarts!

I’ve loved this fireplace since the deleted scene in Philosopher’s Stone when Harry was sitting on a table in front of it, being all broody and Ron comes over to check on him. Poor kid!

I just ticked a big thing off my bucket list and that was able to buy a Hufflepuff school robe! I’d been putting it off for years saying that I couldn’t afford BUT I had now saved enough and justified that I deserved it after having such a rubbish time. I think a little retail therapy was required!

Warner Bros Studio Tour

Can someone answer me a question? I get the school jumper and school robe, but whose coat and scarf is next to them? Is it Cedric’s or something?

I have seen a few cute moments in front of the Mirror of Erised! When I was there this weekend, there was a couple of girls standing in front of it and one leaned over and kissed her girlfriend. It was so cute and romantic! Why can’t I find a special someone who was a major Potter fan too?!

Yes, that’s a hint for my future bf to take me to Warner Bros Studio Tour London as our first date! Hehe!

Warner Bros Studio Tour

I was so close to leaving a little lily in front of Snape because I still can’t believe that Alan Rickman is no longer with us. He was such a big personality as an actor and created one of the only characters that went through such an emotional journey!

I love his costume so much because it looks really comfy, surprisingly!

When non-Potter fans talk about how rubbish the films are, then I happily shove the prop department (especially Mina Lima) in their face. What other film franchise creates props such as books and potion labels that no-one other than crew or cast are going to see? No-one!!

You have to see the newspapers! They have literally written proper articles in the Quibbler and the Daily Prophet! It shocks me every time and I want to bow down to all of the people involved!

OMG! I never noticed the mistake on one of these banners until one of my fellow Potter friends Katy pointed it out to me when she was at the press launch for the Forbidden Forest. If you go to the studio tour, look up at the Quidditch banners and look at the Hufflepuff ones. The one I took a picture of is absolutely fine; however, there is one where someone has spelled it completely wrong and it is deeply offensive to all us badgers! Couldn’t you have transfigured it into a banner with the right spelling?! Haha!

If you suffer from anxiety, Warner Bros Studio Tour London does get very crowded and noisy but there are plenty of areas to the side where you can find more space and take a breather!

AHHHHH! THE FORBIDDEN FOREST!! It was everything I needed to see and more! The lighting, the howling from a werewolf in the distance and the screams coming from people who have taken a certain path. One of the epic parts of the forest is optional because it contains giant spiders. If you’re terrified of spiders, there is a path to the side that you can take to avoid the spiders but, if you don’t mind them, you can follow the guide into a room where he chooses two people to press some buttons that unleash lighting and all the spiders!!

Terrifying and incredible!!

I hope you enjoy this massive post and get the chance to go and see this new part of Warner Bros Studio Tour London! You won’t regret it!

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