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Christmas Gift Guide For Harry Potter Fans

Wow! December is here and that means that I’m starting Blogmas! I’d been humming and hah-ing over whether I was going to do Blogmas this year but I thought it would help me in the long run. It is officially Christmas month which is why Day 1 is a Christmas Gift Guide! I’m aiming to do more in the next few days but it’s up to you. Do you want to see more of these or want me to write other posts? Let me know in the comments below!

Christmas Gift Guide

Hufflepuff Stocking (£30) | Gryffindor Baby Body Suit (£22.95) | Light-Up Triwizard Cup (£13.95) | Harry Potter Printer (£164.95) | Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit (£100) | Niffler Challenge Game (£20) | Swarovski Whomping Willow Necklace (£58) | Personalised Hogwarts Trunk (£58) | The Art of Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grimmauld (£35) | Slytherin Pocket Journal (£7.99)

I honestly want every item in this guide but I would have to pretty well-off to get everything! Ah well! Some of these are on the expensive side but you don’t have to get all of them and can just wish for that one big gift! Let’s start off with the Hufflepuff stocking because that is what I’m aiming to actually get this when I visit the Warner Bros Studio Tour. I’ve wanted to own one for so long and it’s just so pretty! I don’t have a fireplace anymore but I can still find somewhere in my flat where I could hang this. If you haven’t been on the Online store, it has some incredible things that you can buy for Potter fans of all ages. They even have stuff for babies! LOOK AT THE GRYFFINDOR BABY SUIT! AHH! If I had a little one, I would definitely put him/her into this. (Jemma, I’m eyeing this for River so watch out! haha!) I also think the Light-Up Triwizard Cup is so cool. If you want to decorate a bookshelf or a desk with something smaller, then I reckon this would be a nice little thing to have.

If you’re like me then you love stationery! I love collecting notebooks and how could you not want these House notebooks from Waterstones! They’re so simple yet so gosh darn pretty. They’re not bad at £7.99 each and think of all the possibilities. Carrying on with stuff from Waterstones, have you seen the Art of Crimes of Grimmauld?! I had a quick glance when I was in store and I’m in love with it. I never got the chance to get the first book for the last film but I’m thinking about getting this at some point. This is a perfect gift for anyone who appreciates art, drawing or graphic design for films.

Moving onto the Platform Nine and Three Quarters Shop down at Kings Cross, they have some absolutely incredible items. Visiting London before Christmas? Call in there and just stare in awe at everything. I do every time! Plus their staff are some of the nicest people ever. Some of the stuff I popped onto my Christmas gift guide are the Harry Potter photo printer (which I so need…it would match up with my scrap-booking plan for the New Year) and the coding kit where you can actually build your own freaking wand and then do magic…brilliant for any young witches and wizards who are learning how to code at school. Something I know for a fact I’m getting for my birthday is an actual personalised Hogwarts school trunk!! I have wanted one of these ever since I started reading the books so it’s a given that one must be come to me! Of course I’m going to be treating myself to the Hufflepuff gift trunk because HUFFLEPUFF PRIDE! To finish off this guide, we have another Niffler gift for any Fantastic Beasts fans that can’t get enough of this little creature. You know the game Buckaroo? It’s basically the same thing! You have to load up the Niffler with jewellery until the suitcase falls! Finally we have a gorgeous Whomping Willow necklace that it would go with all the outfits. I’m looking at you, Jordan!

Anything in this Christmas gift guide that you really hope Santa gets for you?

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