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Celebrating Christmas On My Own

Celebrating Christmas

One of the questions I’ve heard constantly from either family or other people is ‘what are you going to be doing for Christmas?’. Well, the answer is simple: I’ll be celebrating Christmas just like everyone else! I’ll be opening presents, making and eating Christmas lunch, watching cheesy films and going for a walk after lunch (depending on the weather). It’s like people think that you can’t possibly celebrate on your own and I would have felt the same this time last year but I’ve finally allowed myself to be festive.

Last year I didn’t do Christmas or New Year.

I couldn’t.

I’ve decided that there is absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating Christmas on my own. I won’t say that it is easy or fun, but under the circumstances, I have to make do with what I’ve got.

One of the things I’ve found most difficult preparing for Christmas is seeing all the TV ads with happy families sitting around a table, laughing, opening presents together and it just makes it hit home. I am on my own but I can still make it work. To try and get myself into the festive spirit, I headed to Wilko and got myself a teeny 4ft tree to put on my table. I did have a larger one but the moving men somehow lost the base for my tree on the way so now I can’t stand it up. Oh and they lost my decorations too! I seriously think I had the Grinch helping me move!

I do picture in my head that my tree is bigger, fuller with lots of incredible decorations to marvel at but mine could be worse! I even got my decorations from Wilko (I promise I’m not sponsored! I just happened to get all my stuff there! Haha!). I got a whole bunch of gold baubles and a star to pop on top. What I soon discovered is MY TREE FREAKING HATES ME! It’s one of those stupid trees with extra awkward branches that detest any attempt at putting a decoration on it. Who made this tree?! (Again the Grinch!!)

Along with having my tree with gorgeous lights, I also bought myself presents.

No…don’t play the sad little violin and feel sorry for little orphan Daisy (yes, I can make a joke about this since I am!).

I actually wanted to buy myself stuff to wrap and put underneath the tree even though I know exactly what is there. It’s just one of those things that have to be done on Christmas morning. I will be doing a ‘What I Got For Christmas’ post because they’re still gifts and I gave them as a way to find self-love. I have to convince myself that I deserve what I’ve given. Maybe I’ll make a post about what exactly goes on inside my head but we’ll save that for next year.

That said I DO have one present that I know vaguely what’s inside but wasn’t bought by me!! The lovely Billie Melissa on Instagram is such an incredible person who thought of me one day and chose to send me an magical gift to fangirl over!! I got it today from the Post Office and you wouldn’t believe how hard it was to not shake it or open it there and then!

I hold onto the fact that I’m even celebrating Christmas at all! This time of year is incredibly difficult for my mental health regardless of the fact that I don’t have any family to be with! One aunt is even spending her Christmas in New Zealand! (Yes, I begged her to send me a postcard or something Lord of the Rings inspired!).

Presents aside, I have MY FOOD!! All the vegetables you can ever hope for! I did think about making a nut roast to eat alongside but I’d probably give myself food poisoning if I attempted. Maybe next year. One of my friends told me she didn’t think that you could class my food as a proper Christmas lunch. No turkey, no Christmas pud, no crackers. Who cares!! As long as that food gets in my belly, I’m a happy gal. I of course eat all of this while watching all of the cheesy films and TV shows.

Is anyone else spending their Christmas on their own?


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