How To Carry On Blogging With No Interaction


Since coming back to blogging in March after a long break (life, huh?), guess how many comments I’ve received during that time? 10? 20? 1. Before you click off this post expecting a salty rant about how unfair life is and what is the point of blogging if no-one cares, then don’t worry. This won’t be a rant. I just find it really sad and I guess I wanted to talk through some of my feeling about being a blogger when no-one interacts with your post in case a new blogger stumbles across me, feeling disheartened!

When I started blogging back in 2014, I think it was still a newish thing. Everyone was discovering how incredible it was to write about stuff you were passionate about. You could talk about beauty, fashion, being a parent, books, food…you name it, I bet there is a blogger out there writing about it. I honestly wasn’t sure about what I wanted to blog about as I had a bunch that I was interested in. I loved theatre, Harry Potter and chatting about different things happening in my life. Thus promptsbydee was born!

Back then I started off blogging about theatre and my time doing an acting course! It was a lot of fun but, as you can imagine, it didn’t get a lot of views or comments. As much as I loved chatting about theatre I did want to get at least someone reading my posts so I started looking into the other stuff I loved: fandom! Everyone had a fandom they were in love with and I so happened to love a lot of them! I think that year I posted almost every day, took part in a whole bunch of Twitter chats to meet other bloggers and pretty much market my blog to them. I started getting more and more views and it was so nice to see that email saying someone had posted a comment.


Unfortunately life decided to butt in and I ended up having to say goodbye to my first and second blogs.

Between financial problems meaning I could afford to keep my domain and my hosting on GoDaddy and then Mum being diagnosed with cancer, I just couldn’t blog. It really hit my mental health and all the negative thoughts that always mocked me for not being like everyone else made it even harder.

A couple of years went by and this year I finally was able to restart my blog under a new domain and I was excited! It had been so long since I had the thrill and the motivation to write something and I’d missed it so much! My blogger friends still stood behind me and welcomed me back like I’d never in the first place. I knew that it was going to be easy to build up my readership as the blogging world had changed and there were a lot more people who had started blogs. I wouldn’t say you had to fight to be noticed but what had originally gotten you back 50-60 views per post now barely got you one.

Ugh, I sound like such an old lady!

Honestly I was very close a few months to throwing in the towel and just completely give up blogging altogether. My mindset was very ‘if no-one is going to read, then they won’t notice if I’ve gone’. It wasn’t until this month that I can laugh and shake a head at myself. Blogging isn’t all about the views and battling others to be noticed by big brands. It’s about staying true to what you know and love and sharing it with anyone that will read even if it’s just you!

To any new/old bloggers out there who are losing the motivation to blog and wonder what’s the point, don’t lose hope. You probably will have more bad days than good days in terms of interaction but don’t forget, we have a new year coming up and January usually explodes with people! One day a post will suddenly get so much attention and you’ll feel proud knowing that you didn’t stop.

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