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Why It’s Okay To Stay In On New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year

New Year’s Eve!! The day we’ve been waiting for ever since January 1st 2018 and, blimey, did we need this year to be over! It has been one meh after another and I’m so ready to say kick this year up the bum and say goodbye in style. However, that doesn’t mean I’m going out! If you’re like me, you can find perfect ways to spend your New Year’s Eve at home and still have a bunch of fun.

Ready? Let’s do this!!

ONE. It’s warm: It’s winter, people! It’s freezing cold out there so why don’t you take advantage of your heating and possible hot chocolate and stay in. You can still watch all of the festivities on the TV like the fireworks and the music. You guys know I’ll be huddled under my blanket with some tea!

TWO: Your friends are still there with you: It might be weird for some people, but I love knowing I have friends only a tweet/snapchat away! You don’t always have to go out to be there with them. Your friends are your friends and they’ll totally accept you for staying. Plus, you can get them to send you lots of pics of the fireworks they’re at. If you really do feel like you’re missing out on New Year’s Eve, then plan to go with them next year.

THREE. You get to wear whatever you want: The best part of having friends like you are being able to invite them round to your place and you can literally just be in onesies, eating popcorn and cheering whenever the clock strikes midnight. If I went out, I’d have to find the right outfit to keep me snug but still look okay and probably my phone charger because, knowing how loud big groups can get, I wouldn’t stand a chance of being able to talk to people.

FOUR: You don’t have to drink: We all know drinks will be flowing all over the place at bars, clubs and events for New Year and I just don’t do that. I still like to chat and have a laugh but not when you have an odd bloke completely plastered and staring at you. With my meds, I can’t drink alcohol unless I time them just right and then I can have a small glass. Staying in means I can happily drink my tea, water, orange juice, hot chocolate…anything and it doesn’t matter.

FIVE: You have fun in or out: It doesn’t matter whether you’re outside or staying in, you are still going to be bringing in a fresh new year. Let’s tackle 2019 head-on!

Have a great New Year, you bunch! I LOVE YOU!!

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Celebrating Christmas On My Own

Celebrating Christmas

One of the questions I’ve heard constantly from either family or other people is ‘what are you going to be doing for Christmas?’. Well, the answer is simple: I’ll be celebrating Christmas just like everyone else! I’ll be opening presents, making and eating Christmas lunch, watching cheesy films and going for a walk after lunch (depending on the weather). It’s like people think that you can’t possibly celebrate on your own and I would have felt the same this time last year but I’ve finally allowed myself to be festive.

Last year I didn’t do Christmas or New Year.

I couldn’t.

I’ve decided that there is absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating Christmas on my own. I won’t say that it is easy or fun, but under the circumstances, I have to make do with what I’ve got.

One of the things I’ve found most difficult preparing for Christmas is seeing all the TV ads with happy families sitting around a table, laughing, opening presents together and it just makes it hit home. I am on my own but I can still make it work. To try and get myself into the festive spirit, I headed to Wilko and got myself a teeny 4ft tree to put on my table. I did have a larger one but the moving men somehow lost the base for my tree on the way so now I can’t stand it up. Oh and they lost my decorations too! I seriously think I had the Grinch helping me move!

I do picture in my head that my tree is bigger, fuller with lots of incredible decorations to marvel at but mine could be worse! I even got my decorations from Wilko (I promise I’m not sponsored! I just happened to get all my stuff there! Haha!). I got a whole bunch of gold baubles and a star to pop on top. What I soon discovered is MY TREE FREAKING HATES ME! It’s one of those stupid trees with extra awkward branches that detest any attempt at putting a decoration on it. Who made this tree?! (Again the Grinch!!)

Along with having my tree with gorgeous lights, I also bought myself presents.

No…don’t play the sad little violin and feel sorry for little orphan Daisy (yes, I can make a joke about this since I am!).

I actually wanted to buy myself stuff to wrap and put underneath the tree even though I know exactly what is there. It’s just one of those things that have to be done on Christmas morning. I will be doing a ‘What I Got For Christmas’ post because they’re still gifts and I gave them as a way to find self-love. I have to convince myself that I deserve what I’ve given. Maybe I’ll make a post about what exactly goes on inside my head but we’ll save that for next year.

That said I DO have one present that I know vaguely what’s inside but wasn’t bought by me!! The lovely Billie Melissa on Instagram is such an incredible person who thought of me one day and chose to send me an magical gift to fangirl over!! I got it today from the Post Office and you wouldn’t believe how hard it was to not shake it or open it there and then!

I hold onto the fact that I’m even celebrating Christmas at all! This time of year is incredibly difficult for my mental health regardless of the fact that I don’t have any family to be with! One aunt is even spending her Christmas in New Zealand! (Yes, I begged her to send me a postcard or something Lord of the Rings inspired!).

Presents aside, I have MY FOOD!! All the vegetables you can ever hope for! I did think about making a nut roast to eat alongside but I’d probably give myself food poisoning if I attempted. Maybe next year. One of my friends told me she didn’t think that you could class my food as a proper Christmas lunch. No turkey, no Christmas pud, no crackers. Who cares!! As long as that food gets in my belly, I’m a happy gal. I of course eat all of this while watching all of the cheesy films and TV shows.

Is anyone else spending their Christmas on their own?



How To Carry On Blogging With No Interaction


Since coming back to blogging in March after a long break (life, huh?), guess how many comments I’ve received during that time? 10? 20? 1. Before you click off this post expecting a salty rant about how unfair life is and what is the point of blogging if no-one cares, then don’t worry. This won’t be a rant. I just find it really sad and I guess I wanted to talk through some of my feeling about being a blogger when no-one interacts with your post in case a new blogger stumbles across me, feeling disheartened!

When I started blogging back in 2014, I think it was still a newish thing. Everyone was discovering how incredible it was to write about stuff you were passionate about. You could talk about beauty, fashion, being a parent, books, food…you name it, I bet there is a blogger out there writing about it. I honestly wasn’t sure about what I wanted to blog about as I had a bunch that I was interested in. I loved theatre, Harry Potter and chatting about different things happening in my life. Thus promptsbydee was born!

Back then I started off blogging about theatre and my time doing an acting course! It was a lot of fun but, as you can imagine, it didn’t get a lot of views or comments. As much as I loved chatting about theatre I did want to get at least someone reading my posts so I started looking into the other stuff I loved: fandom! Everyone had a fandom they were in love with and I so happened to love a lot of them! I think that year I posted almost every day, took part in a whole bunch of Twitter chats to meet other bloggers and pretty much market my blog to them. I started getting more and more views and it was so nice to see that email saying someone had posted a comment.


Unfortunately life decided to butt in and I ended up having to say goodbye to my first and second blogs.

Between financial problems meaning I could afford to keep my domain and my hosting on GoDaddy and then Mum being diagnosed with cancer, I just couldn’t blog. It really hit my mental health and all the negative thoughts that always mocked me for not being like everyone else made it even harder.

A couple of years went by and this year I finally was able to restart my blog under a new domain and I was excited! It had been so long since I had the thrill and the motivation to write something and I’d missed it so much! My blogger friends still stood behind me and welcomed me back like I’d never in the first place. I knew that it was going to be easy to build up my readership as the blogging world had changed and there were a lot more people who had started blogs. I wouldn’t say you had to fight to be noticed but what had originally gotten you back 50-60 views per post now barely got you one.

Ugh, I sound like such an old lady!

Honestly I was very close a few months to throwing in the towel and just completely give up blogging altogether. My mindset was very ‘if no-one is going to read, then they won’t notice if I’ve gone’. It wasn’t until this month that I can laugh and shake a head at myself. Blogging isn’t all about the views and battling others to be noticed by big brands. It’s about staying true to what you know and love and sharing it with anyone that will read even if it’s just you!

To any new/old bloggers out there who are losing the motivation to blog and wonder what’s the point, don’t lose hope. You probably will have more bad days than good days in terms of interaction but don’t forget, we have a new year coming up and January usually explodes with people! One day a post will suddenly get so much attention and you’ll feel proud knowing that you didn’t stop.

Fandom Harry Potter

Reliving My Last Warner Bros Studio Tour Trip

As I’ll soon be visiting Warner Bros Studio Tour London with my best friend, Ali, to see Hogwarts In The Snow, I knew I just had to relive my last visit there since it feels so long ago! Between not having the money to travel down to lots of real life stuff happening, I’ve had to wait a very long time to return my most favourite place in the country! In a way, I’m glad it’s taken so long for me to come back because so many things have been added since that last time from the wand training to the Hogwarts Express!

The lovely people at the Warner Bros Studio Tour London had created a brand new area: the Forbidden Forest! That scary forest at Hogwarts where the trio was sent to do detention and Harry met Voldemort for the first time since he was a baby! Home of the giant spiders, a wild flying car and the centaurs!

You just know it’ll be an epic place to create and visit!

To warn you, this post will a photo-heavy post so grab your tea/coffee, a snack and get ready to scroll as you check out my attempts at photography! There were so many amazing props and costumes to document and I couldn’t get everything! If long posts like this aren’t your thing, check out my video and it’ll go by so quick!

For those of you who like photos and my rambling, let’s get started, shall we?

One of the things I was most excited to see was the true place of the Hufflepuffs: our House table! I wished so many times that I could get the chance to sit there with my friends and eat food, but it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe if I gather enough money together, I’ll be able to attend an event there and let it almost be like Hogwarts!

I’ve loved this fireplace since the deleted scene in Philosopher’s Stone when Harry was sitting on a table in front of it, being all broody and Ron comes over to check on him. Poor kid!

I just ticked a big thing off my bucket list and that was able to buy a Hufflepuff school robe! I’d been putting it off for years saying that I couldn’t afford BUT I had now saved enough and justified that I deserved it after having such a rubbish time. I think a little retail therapy was required!

Warner Bros Studio Tour

Can someone answer me a question? I get the school jumper and school robe, but whose coat and scarf is next to them? Is it Cedric’s or something?

I have seen a few cute moments in front of the Mirror of Erised! When I was there this weekend, there was a couple of girls standing in front of it and one leaned over and kissed her girlfriend. It was so cute and romantic! Why can’t I find a special someone who was a major Potter fan too?!

Yes, that’s a hint for my future bf to take me to Warner Bros Studio Tour London as our first date! Hehe!

Warner Bros Studio Tour

I was so close to leaving a little lily in front of Snape because I still can’t believe that Alan Rickman is no longer with us. He was such a big personality as an actor and created one of the only characters that went through such an emotional journey!

I love his costume so much because it looks really comfy, surprisingly!

When non-Potter fans talk about how rubbish the films are, then I happily shove the prop department (especially Mina Lima) in their face. What other film franchise creates props such as books and potion labels that no-one other than crew or cast are going to see? No-one!!

You have to see the newspapers! They have literally written proper articles in the Quibbler and the Daily Prophet! It shocks me every time and I want to bow down to all of the people involved!

OMG! I never noticed the mistake on one of these banners until one of my fellow Potter friends Katy pointed it out to me when she was at the press launch for the Forbidden Forest. If you go to the studio tour, look up at the Quidditch banners and look at the Hufflepuff ones. The one I took a picture of is absolutely fine; however, there is one where someone has spelled it completely wrong and it is deeply offensive to all us badgers! Couldn’t you have transfigured it into a banner with the right spelling?! Haha!

If you suffer from anxiety, Warner Bros Studio Tour London does get very crowded and noisy but there are plenty of areas to the side where you can find more space and take a breather!

AHHHHH! THE FORBIDDEN FOREST!! It was everything I needed to see and more! The lighting, the howling from a werewolf in the distance and the screams coming from people who have taken a certain path. One of the epic parts of the forest is optional because it contains giant spiders. If you’re terrified of spiders, there is a path to the side that you can take to avoid the spiders but, if you don’t mind them, you can follow the guide into a room where he chooses two people to press some buttons that unleash lighting and all the spiders!!

Terrifying and incredible!!

I hope you enjoy this massive post and get the chance to go and see this new part of Warner Bros Studio Tour London! You won’t regret it!

Mental Health

2019 Resolutions For My Mental Health

While everyone is focusing on more physical goals for 2019, I’m doing my best to focus on goals that deal with my mental health. Oh, don’t worry! I have a little list to do with my life that I’ll share eventually but, after the horror that was 2017/18, I need to finally sit down and get my head literally around what the heck I’m thinking and feeling. That’s why I want to set myself some mental 2019 goals to keep me on track through the year.

Psh, I know we haven’t even had Christmas yet but it takes time to understand what I need!


Take my medication on time

I can’t be the only one who has forgotten to take their medication when they’re supposed to! Haha! I’m meant to take mine once a day but, when you get yourself into a downward spiral, the last thing you want to do is take medication! I’m so forgetful! I always manage to take the first tablet but constantly miss the second because the evening is when I’m most preoccupied! That and this medication made me feel very off for a while!

To not beat myself up if I don’t do something

This is one of my worst habits! If I set myself a goal such as healthy eating or going to the gym that day and I don’t do it, the inner me lets rip on me! Telling me how I’m so fat, how I’ll never look the way I want to, how ugly I am compared to everyone else and that I’m an utter waste of space for not even trying. I have to force my head to understand that sometimes it’s either financially or physically impossible to do the things I want.

When my anxiety kicks in, I have to stay indoors until it calms down to a point where the thought of heading out is okay and that prevents me from both going to the gym and going to do some shopping. I have an awful habit of comparing myself to others around me, whether it be their fashion, their makeup or just the fact that they have someone they can talk to. I need to teach myself to take everything one day at a time and that being overwhelmed isn’t a bad thing. It just means that I’m busy.

I will not listen to my inner voice

If you haven’t guessed, the inner voice is the voice that tries to pretend it’s your friend by telling you the honest truth but it’s just bullying you. It’s the nemesis of a depressed person and I hate mine with a vengeance! For as long as I can remember, this voice has made me feel like the dirtiest piece of muck on the bottom of a shoe. If I get offered an amazing opportunity in London or somewhere from home, it will tell all the nastiest things that will happen to me if I go. That and how I’m not good enough to go! Can you see why one of my 2019 goals is to stop listening to it?

Instead of telling myself all of these nasty things, I’m going to take a deep breath and remind myself of the good I have done in the day whether it’s getting ready and saying thank you to myself or saying morning to someone as I walk to catch my bus. The littlest things can make the biggest difference.

Learn to accept compliments

Every now and again, I get someone saying ‘you look gorgeous!’ or ‘wow, that really suits you!’ and inside my head I’m laughing hard. They think I look gorgeous? Are they looking at the right person? I’m so far from gorgeous it’ll make your head spin! My self-hate never lets me believe what people say but that’s because I was told I was ‘so ugly that I should die’ in school. I’m not promising that I’ll be able to this goal because I have decades of self-hate to get over. If it’s on my 2019 goals list, then I have to at least do my best!

Stop myself feeling guilty from spending

I hate treating myself to things and, when I do, I feel constantly guilty for spending any money on me. It doesn’t matter if it’s essential…I’ll still feel bad! Again, I’ll still feel guilty but I’ll try to feel less if I need the thing I’m spending money on, ‘kay?

What 2019 goals have you set yourself for your mental health?


Learning To Say Goodbye To Your Pet


You may have seen this picture of my cat Jewel floating around my Twitter and Instagram lately, and that’s because last Thursday I had to have her put to sleep. This is my first time ever losing a pet that I had had for a long amount of time and having to do it without my parents was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I’ve had a few pets over the years: Tony and Flipper the goldfish, Lucky the Yorkshire Terrier, Tushie the tomcat and Jewel (my baby). I never knew cats could last as long as she did and each year that passed made me love her even more.  Let me tell you her story.

I first met Jewel on 19th November 1998 after getting her from my local Cat Protection. The home we fetched her from wasn’t part of the charity but they had told them that they had kittens for sale. I have never been in a house that I wanted to wipe my feet on the way out and had a pet that needed a vet almost straight away. She was 5 weeks old and already had ear mites and fleas. I was actually really scared that she would die before I even got the chance to know her but thankfully she was born a little fighter!

She was so cute and teeny! I had to carry her in my dad’s woolly hat to keep her safe and from climbing around the car! Since she was still so cute, she couldn’t drink cat milk or water from a bowl just yet so my mum fed her from a teaspoon.

As she grew up, it was obvious that Jewel had an amazing personality! She constantly tried to attack our feet as we walked, tried to bite them when they were under my duvet, bite my head if I didn’t quick enough to feed her and she had the best love/hate relationship with my Dad. He loved to rough play with her where he would hold her round the middle and gently push her around the floor while she bit him and scratched his arm with her back claws. It was so funny to watch him swearing when she did and knowing it was only his fault! That and her rolling around in front of him since he was the only man in the house and needed to get spayed. Unfortunately she only got to know him for 3 years before he died but at least I still remember those moments between them.

Losing A Pet

Jewel was never the friendliest cat as a teenager. She never wanted to sit on my lap, my bed or butt her head against mine like I’d seen in all the Youtube videos I’d watched. She was even vicious with the vets we took her too! She bit 2 of them, hissed at multiple dogs and had one insane moment where she yowled, hissed, spat and scratched a nurse trying to clip her claws. Crazy cat or what! I noticed that she mellowed a lot in her final years where she more and more wanted to sleep on my lap or next to my head, followed me from room to room and just seemed content to sit with me. It made my heart so warm to finally have a pet who wanted my company!

Unfortunately she started to have more health issues that came along with being an elderly cat. Her teeth were going, she developed arthritis in her hips and back, started to go a bit deaf and couldn’t jump up onto my bed or my lap so I ended up lifting her up.

On the Thursday I’d noticed just how skinny she’d gotten especially after having her fur shaved to get rid of some mats. She was eating absolutely fine but wasn’t putting on any weight and was having a lot of toilet issues. Since I was already visiting the vets to sort out the last of her mats, I asked if I could see her vet to see what he thought. It was then I discovered that she was severely constipated (she’d already had two operations to clear her) and realized that I couldn’t put her through another operation. She’d stopped breathing during her first and had been diagnosed with a heart murmur on the second. She had reached such an incredible age and I’d known for a while that her time was coming.

I think the reason why this was more devastating other than the reason that I was having to say goodbye to my baby girl was that it was only a year and a bit after losing my mum. Jewel was that final connection to both of my parents and now I felt like I truly alone.

The vet was really nice and let me hug her as she slipped away and it wasn’t until I was paying the bill that it hit me that I was having to leave without her. That’s when I really started to cry and the people who I’d been talking to in the waiting room (two were owners of black cats as well) actually looked teary for me. I did appreciate that even if I didn’t at the time. As soon as I got home I had to get rid of any evidence that I’d had a cat so I threw away her dishes, her cat litter and the last bit of food she had. It might sound cold but I knew it was the only way I was going to be able to cope and, already having depression, I had to make sure that I didn’t wallow.

Thank you guys for all of your tweets and DMs on Twitter. I will be looking for a new little cat in the New Year (my local RSPCA has a bad case of cat flu there right now) so I won’t be alone for too long. If any of you have gone through the loss of a pet this year or may possibly have to say goodbye soon, you can get through this. It feels like your heart has shattered and that you may never get another pet like the one you lost ever again but you can get through it!

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What’s On My Birthday Wishlist?

birthday wishlist

Sarah Chapman: The Elixir Radiance Duo (£69) | Helga Hufflepuff Cup (£48) | La Vie Est Belle Happiness Design (£72) | Three Ouai Kit (£25) | Ted Baker Wrap Dress (£199) | Self Portrait Crochet Dress (£320) | Hufflepuff Hoodie (£41.99) | Hufflepuff Clutch (£41.99) | Olivia Burton Bracelet Watch (£160) | Padfoot Funko Pop (£9.99)

What is this? A birthday wishlist that isn’t all Harry Potter?! That is right, dear reader! I actually like other things as well as Potter! Even though I’m the plainest, most unfashionable girl around, I actually really love fashion and beauty. I’ve never experimented with makeup after having some bad reactions in the past, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love the idea of trying and watching makeup tutorials. As well as that, I love reading fashion bloggers and imagining myself in the outfits those bloggers create. Seeing as it is my birthday soon, I wanted to create this birthday wishlist. Obviously the majority of this list is what I wish I could have but there are a couple of items I’m saving up for!

sarah chapman radiance duo

Ever since I learnt about Sarah Chapman from some Fleur De Force videos, I’ve always wanted to try some of her products. I usually don’t like to spend a lot on myself seeing as I don’t earn much, but I do sometimes spend more for skincare. I figure that you have your skin for life and, as you age, it needs even more care. These elixirs help give you a great glow, smooth out any lines and just help you look more awake. You have one for morning and one for night! I’m not getting any younger so I need all the help I can get.


Okay, calm down. Here is a Harry Potter item! I haven’t completely gone off my blogging rails! I have had my eye on this cup for so long that I think it is time for it to come home! This Hufflepuff needs to protect my Founder’s thing! Where do you think would be a good place to put this when I get it? Noble Collection, I’m coming for you!

La Vie Est Belle Happiness Perfume

This! This is my favourite perfume ever! I’ve been using this for years and I’m still in love with it. It’s not too strong or too light. It makes me feel dressed up whenever I’m feeling rough. It has some great memories for me too which makes it perfect for when my mental health is playing up. I love the look of this limited edition design! It reminds me of a 70s theme but that could be just me!

Ouai Set

Another Fleur De Force recommendation! I’ve never tried this brand before but have heard some incredible things about what it does for your hair. Now that it’s winter my hair has gotten so dry and pretty lifeless. It has never truly behaved but I need something to bring it back to life. Have any of you guys tried Ouai products before?

Ted Baker Wrap Dress

Alright, this pick is Jordan’s fault!! She has worn some stunning Ted Baker dresses and tops that I needed to look more into what they have and I stumbled on this wrap dress. I’m in love! It’s not too short so I don’t have to worry about flashing anyone and it has long sleeves (to hide my hideous arms). The floral design is perfect for a gal called Daisy, don’t you think? Between the navy colour and the belt, I need this dress for my wardrobe.

Self Portrait Crotchet Dress

This is a bold choice for me! I wouldn’t normally look at dresses like this out of fear of looking horrendous but I can actually picture myself in this. I’m aiming to step out of my comfort zone in 2019 and take on my 30s with a new look. That’s what I love about New Year. You get reset your life and try to succeed where you failed the previous year! Maisie Williams wore something by Self Portrait a while back and it’s just been stuck in my mind ever since!

Hufflepuff Hoodie

I adore hoodies! They are the ultimate comfort-wear! Whenever I’m at home or my depression is hitting me with a vengeance, I grab a hoodie and hide myself away from the world. If anyone watches Thomas Sanders and his Sander Sides, there is a Side called Virgil/Anxiety who wears a hoodie to feel safe in. This Hufflepuff one is brilliant! It looks so cosy and we all know that I’m a Hogwarts alumni!

Hufflepuff Clutch

More Hufflepuff! What better way to show you love for your House and look trendy than with a Hufflepuff clutch! Perfect for me whenever I have a night out…at home…on my own. Psh, I can come up with an excuse to use this!

Olivia Burton Watch

Another brand I’ve loved but never bought from. I’ve recently started to get irritated with my phone. I always have to dive inside my bag or my pocket to find my phone to then discover that my battery has died and I can’t see the time. I’m just going to go back to before technology and get myself a watch!  I chose this one as it’s rose gold (adore!) and has a beautiful quartz design in the middle.

Padfoot Funko Pop

Ending with this adore Padfoot Funko Pop!! It looks so adorable that I want him to follow me home! The funny thing is that Forbidden Planet has him labelled as ‘Sirius As Dog’. Erm…he has a name and that name is Padfoot!

What is on your birthday wishlist?

Fandom Harry Potter

Christmas Gift Guide For Harry Potter Fans

Wow! December is here and that means that I’m starting Blogmas! I’d been humming and hah-ing over whether I was going to do Blogmas this year but I thought it would help me in the long run. It is officially Christmas month which is why Day 1 is a Christmas Gift Guide! I’m aiming to do more in the next few days but it’s up to you. Do you want to see more of these or want me to write other posts? Let me know in the comments below!

Christmas Gift Guide

Hufflepuff Stocking (£30) | Gryffindor Baby Body Suit (£22.95) | Light-Up Triwizard Cup (£13.95) | Harry Potter Printer (£164.95) | Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit (£100) | Niffler Challenge Game (£20) | Swarovski Whomping Willow Necklace (£58) | Personalised Hogwarts Trunk (£58) | The Art of Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grimmauld (£35) | Slytherin Pocket Journal (£7.99)

I honestly want every item in this guide but I would have to pretty well-off to get everything! Ah well! Some of these are on the expensive side but you don’t have to get all of them and can just wish for that one big gift! Let’s start off with the Hufflepuff stocking because that is what I’m aiming to actually get this when I visit the Warner Bros Studio Tour. I’ve wanted to own one for so long and it’s just so pretty! I don’t have a fireplace anymore but I can still find somewhere in my flat where I could hang this. If you haven’t been on the Online store, it has some incredible things that you can buy for Potter fans of all ages. They even have stuff for babies! LOOK AT THE GRYFFINDOR BABY SUIT! AHH! If I had a little one, I would definitely put him/her into this. (Jemma, I’m eyeing this for River so watch out! haha!) I also think the Light-Up Triwizard Cup is so cool. If you want to decorate a bookshelf or a desk with something smaller, then I reckon this would be a nice little thing to have.

If you’re like me then you love stationery! I love collecting notebooks and how could you not want these House notebooks from Waterstones! They’re so simple yet so gosh darn pretty. They’re not bad at £7.99 each and think of all the possibilities. Carrying on with stuff from Waterstones, have you seen the Art of Crimes of Grimmauld?! I had a quick glance when I was in store and I’m in love with it. I never got the chance to get the first book for the last film but I’m thinking about getting this at some point. This is a perfect gift for anyone who appreciates art, drawing or graphic design for films.

Moving onto the Platform Nine and Three Quarters Shop down at Kings Cross, they have some absolutely incredible items. Visiting London before Christmas? Call in there and just stare in awe at everything. I do every time! Plus their staff are some of the nicest people ever. Some of the stuff I popped onto my Christmas gift guide are the Harry Potter photo printer (which I so need…it would match up with my scrap-booking plan for the New Year) and the coding kit where you can actually build your own freaking wand and then do magic…brilliant for any young witches and wizards who are learning how to code at school. Something I know for a fact I’m getting for my birthday is an actual personalised Hogwarts school trunk!! I have wanted one of these ever since I started reading the books so it’s a given that one must be come to me! Of course I’m going to be treating myself to the Hufflepuff gift trunk because HUFFLEPUFF PRIDE! To finish off this guide, we have another Niffler gift for any Fantastic Beasts fans that can’t get enough of this little creature. You know the game Buckaroo? It’s basically the same thing! You have to load up the Niffler with jewellery until the suitcase falls! Finally we have a gorgeous Whomping Willow necklace that it would go with all the outfits. I’m looking at you, Jordan!

Anything in this Christmas gift guide that you really hope Santa gets for you?