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How I Detox My Mind At Weekends


I bet that you can think of more than a few times this week where you have been stressed and overwhelmed by work or just life in general. I’ve definitely been there and it’s why I sometimes need to have a total detox. The great thing about doing a social detox is that it can be different for every person. For me, I love having at least one day a week where I just don’t talk. I don’t mind being social when I’m at my placement or even on Twitter, but it really tires me out by Friday. I did one of these days yesterday and that’s why I wanted to chat about it!

Have an hour of not talking:

I know this would be really difficult if you have kids or live with someone, but find a time in your day when you have a chance to do nothing. There’s nothing like the freedom of silence! I didn’t talk at all yesterday and I loved it. There was no pressure to make a conversation or be social.

Treat yourself:

It’s the weekend! It’s been a long week and hopefully you won’t have to work. When I say treat yourself, you can choose whatever feels like a treat to you! It could either be a piece of cake, a TV show, a podcast. Whatever makes you feel relaxed or happy is a treat. My personal treat is curling up on my sofa with a new book and reading. It just feels amazing and I can escape into a different world for a bit.

Take a walk:

It’s kind of hard when it’s freezing outside and looking as gloomy as you’ve been feeling, but it’s true when they say you can clear your mind after a walk. You find that moment where it’s not freezing cold or when it has that hint of sun and you walk. I’m still trying to figure out where the best places to walk in my new area but there is nothing like walking in the countryside! It’s one of my aims to walk in the Peak Distract next year like around Castleton or something!

Cuddle your furry baby for a bit:

My cat has never really been the cuddly type. She always put up with a slight hug and then she’d want to go and do something on her own. Now that she’s older she is always meowing at me and just wanting to sit on my lap to sleep. She’s even on my lap now as I’m typing this! It’s really calming to randomly stroke her fur when I’m thinking.

Stay off social media:

Sometimes social media is one of the worst places to be when you need to detox. Yes, you have your friends on there and share your posts if you’re a blogger, but it can be worse than being offline. Instagram can make you feel self-conscious about your body, Twitter can have some crazy retweets and I don’t even go on Facebook anymore. I know if my anxiety is there when I wake up that going online is not the best way to go. If people want you, then you can either reply tomorrow or wait until you feel up to it.

Have you ever tried a detox day before?

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