Life Update | Mental Health and Back To School?!

Life Update

Oh, have I missed my blog! If you haven’t noticed, I’d disappeared on here and social media for a little bit and that’s because I’ve actually been busy for a change! I thought I’d check in with everyone and give you a slight life update.

Let’s start with the ol’ mental health. Oof, it’s been taking me on quite the roller-coaster over the last few weeks. One of the reasons why I’ve not been coming online as often is due to not being able to handle being online. It may sound awful but I can’t always cope with how perfect the internet tries to be. Believe me, I know that everyone has challenges and no life is perfect, but when you see all the edited pictures of perfection and your depression mocks you with it…ugh. I found that social media and even Youtube was seriously triggering me and I didn’t want to post until I felt I could. I wish I could say that I was better but today has been a pretty nasty one…survived though so yay!

What else have I been up to?

I’ve been signing myself up to courses and I’m actually really excited! I’m one of those weird people who loves learning new things and wished their life was constantly in education. I signed myself up to a walking group (not a course but meh) which only has other people battling mental health problems. I’ve been on two walks with them and they are so nice and understanding! It really helps when you’re surrounded people who get you and have endless amounts of patience.

I also signed up to do a teaching assistant course to get me helping some little kiddos in my area. When I was a kid, I actually wanted to be a teacher along with being an actress, but was told I was too shy to teach so never thought about it again. I don’t think I’d be able to teach properly in a school, but this way I’ll be able to help somehow. In September I’ll be doing a Time-Swap volunteering scheme (THANKS, ALI!), a mindfullness/yoga course, learning French and finally doing more sign lahguage/lip-reading classes. My GP said it was better to keep my mind so active that it will be too tired to think negatively which I totally agree with. I hope Hermione would be proud of me with all this learning, especially since I’ve been at my local library almost every day lately.

Thank you so much for being supportive whenever I’ve popped up on Twitter. I know I haven’t been involved with you lot like I used to, but I’m hoping to try a little harder to post more.

Hope you’re all having an amazing summer!

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