How I Survived My GCSE Results

GCSE Results

Right, teens all over the UK are freaking out about their GCSE results and I still remember exactly how I felt when I headed into school with my Mum to find out how bad I’d done. I’m not that old, okay?! Since today is GCSE results day, I wanted to share how I felt getting mine and reliving some of the fears I’d had about A-Levels and university.

People think that only doing your GCSEs is the scary part but they don’t stop to think what the results day will be like for students too! It’s the day where you find out whether all your hard work has paid off and you got the grades you needed for your A-Level classes (and better) or you did worse than you expected. When I was doing studying for my GCSEs, my dad had only just passed away and you can imagine how much that threw things out of wack. I’d never been a confident person with schoolwork (even though I loved doing it) and that kind of made things extra hard for me.

GCSEs + exams + losing my dad = very frazzled Daisy!

When I found out the date for getting my GCSE results, I actually tried to give my Mum the wrong date to take off work because I didn’t want her to see how bad I had failed. I was her only child and I’d had all these crazy nightmares the night before about dumping me for being such a terrible daughter. Haha! Fortunately, Mum knew what a terrible liar was and made me tell her the right one so she could come and support me (aka wait in the car). I did all the usual exams along with Spanish, Music, Religious Education and Food Technology (what? I wanted to make and eat food on the way home from school!).

I honestly didn’t even put any thought to Maths because I (even to this day) am terrible at it. I was one of those kids who was in the bottom classes with extra staff there to give support. Well, my Maths teacher never gave us the extra support and, after 10 minutes of an actual lesson, he would talk about computers, McDonalds and everything else other than what he was supposed to teach us. I can say it now (since I redid the exam) that I actually got an E. Believe me, I tried my hardest to understand the exam but I was doomed before I even started. Here are the grades I got for my other subjects:

English: B (A in Speaking)
Science: CC
Maths: E (now a C! Woo!)
Music: C
Spanish: C
Religious Education: A (was 1 mark off an A*!!)
Food Technology: B

As you can tell, I didn’t really win at my exams but I was actually really happy with the grades I got considering everything that had been thrown at me during that time. I mean…look at my English and RE! I was so chuffed especially with the Speaking part…do you see why I did acting now?!). I didn’t even have to worry about my Mum either because she was even more happy with what I’d gotten and took me out to celebrate afterwards.

Did my GCSE results stop me from getting the A-Levels I wanted and passing them? No.

Did my GCSE results stop me going to university? Nope!

They might not being the best grades out there but they could have been a lot worse and there is so much support you can get from your teachers! Never give up on yourself!

If you are scared and need more support, contact the Exam Results Helpline (0808 100 8000) and they’ll be able to give you better advice!

How did you cope with GCSE Results Day?

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