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How To Cope With Back To School Anxiety

Back to school

You have to have been living under a rock if you haven’t seen all the back to school sales and queues in the shops! Everyone is literally flocking to stores that have stationery, bags, shoes and all that amazing stuff. People may be excited about going back to school, but there will be others who will be incredibly anxious. It could be because they’re starting secondary school and are terrified of all the older kids or because the idea of being around so many people causes awful society anxiety. If this is you…take a minute to breathe in 4, hold for 4 and breathe slowly out for 4.


Okay…you might not be feeling calm but remember:

Recent research suggests that as many as 1 in 6 young people will experience an anxiety condition at some point in their lives, this means that up to 5 people in your class may be living with anxiety, whether that be OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), social anxiety and shyness, exam stress, worry or panic attacks. (Anxiety UK)


You’re not the only one who is suffering with this anxiety. You may not have ever suffered from this before and don’t worry, there is so much help you can get in and out of school. That’s why I want to help you even a teeny bit to ease some of this anxiety and help you find some of that back to school excitement.

Do you see Hermione there?

She might be a fictional character but she was suffering a lot of school anxiety. She was starting a brand new school she had read all about and, since she had been bullied at her old muggle school, she was anxious that she would fail at Hogwarts. You could be feeling this too! New school, new people, new teachers…new new new! It sounds terrifying but there are ways to overcome a few of those little anxiety triggers.

I spoke to a real-life teacher (I know!! They have lives out of school?!) called @SianHdkn who teaches English and she gave some advice to any of you are stressing out:

1) Try to plan ahead – It sounds obvious but often schools will give you new timetables before the six weeks holidays (Depending on the school) If the thought of new teachers or being in a new class makes you feel anxious, try to get to know as much as possible beforehand if your school can accommodate that. I teach English, so try and ask your teachers what texts you’ll be studying and for other subjects, ask teachers if they can give you an overview of topics you’ll study in the next year.

2) Find your support – Know the teachers that can support you, make yourself known to your Head of Year/Learning Manager/whatever support you have access to. Please, PLEASE as a Teacher I implore you, we are here to help, we’re here to support you as much as we physically can. What you need to do for us is let us know. It’s not a sigh of weakness, as a classroom teacher I’m not going to advertise it to the class, but what I can do is accommodate to you – Where we put you in the seating plan, do things like random names make you anxious so we can avoid that, how we direct questioning.

3) Again, you’ve probably heard it before but breathe. Maybe find a bit of a safe space for yourself for times like dinner time when you just need a break. I like to think that my classes are well behaved, but on the odd occasion it gets too rowdy, I have students who really struggle to be able to focus and they sometimes just need a minute to breathe through it. Focus on something in the classroom and just breathe through it.

Loved getting the POV from an actual teacher because I think, if we can break down the barriers and idea that you can’t approach a teacher, more will hopefully come forward and admit to their anxiety! There’s nothing to be ashamed about and you’d be surprised to hear that teachers are more than likely battling mental health themselves.

I thought I would get some tips from someone still at school and that was from my friend, Grace! I’m so happy that she shared a teeny bit of her story and some tips for anyone else going back to school:

So a little backstory . I had bad separation anxiety and was claustrophobic. I missed about a year of school from it.

Tips I found that worked: If you are unable to sit in a class full of people you can try ask the school for a small room on your own or with a few others in the same boat. Here you can catch up on your work and still have a school environment.

Allow yourself to take breaks. I had a pass that allowed me to leave class whenever I needed to.

If you’re struggling to get into classes take it one or even half a class at a time or even try staying in for lunch first.

Know your limits. There is no point in over working yourself…that just leads to more stress.

Take breaks and reward yourself.

Every school is different and anxiety affects so many children and young people from primary to secondary. Don’t be a worrier…be a warrior! You can do this and, once you get yourself into a routine, hopefully some of the anxiety will ease.

Oh, and before you head off, here are some really helpful people who you can talk to:

  • No Panic (They also have a 24 hour helpline if you’re having a panic attack – 01952 680835)
  • Childline (if you’re under 19: you can call, email or chat online and it doesn’t matter if the problem is big/small)
  • The Mix (similar service to Childline but it goes up to 25!)

Doctor Who Fandom Harry Potter

New In Fandom: September


Luna’s Glasses Travel Pass (£2.99) |  Harry Potter 2019 Planner (£16.99) | Hogwarts Stationery Set (£19.99) | Quidditch Hardcover Journal (£13) | Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes Stationery Set (£19.99) | The Wand Chooses The Wizard (£14.99) 13th Doctor Action Figure (£19.99) | Power Rangers Blue Ranger Funko (£9.99) | Yu-Gi-Oh Funko (£9.99) | Coraline in Raincoat Funko (£9.99) | 13th Doctor Rock Candy Figure (£10.99) Doctor Who: The Women Who Lived (£14.99)

With September coming up in the next few days, I’m getting myself all excited for all the incredible new stuff that is coming out next month! There is so much being released and, since I’m a fangirl of many things, I thought I’d throw together a few of the things that I wish I could throw my money at already. A couple of the items come out either right at the end of August or right at the beginning of October but I was too excited for them that I included anyway!

HARRY POTTER STATIONERY SETS (£19.99): Waterstones has been my Potter heaven over the last few years and they continue to sell some brilliant stuff, including these two stationery sets that have a quill pen included! Look at them! They’re so pretty and you couldn’t miss the Weasley set even with your eyes shut! Got to love Fred and George! I do think they’re a bit pricey and would be better at 10.99 but what can you do?

QUIDDITCH HARDCOVER JOURNAL (£13): I have my eye on a few of the notebooks sold at Waterstones from the Hufflepuff one in stores now to this Quidditch journal! I am a major fan of the teal look and it just looks so pretty! This is definitely a must for any stationery or Quidditch fan out there!

HARRY POTTER 2019 PLANNER (£19.99): What better way to bring in September than with a Potter planner?! We are all going back to Hogwarts, aren’t we? (Shush…I’m really 11 and just really tall for my age!!). I have been so ready for a Harry Potter planner to help me sort out my weird life and, even though I’m not sure what it looks like inside, I’ll definitely be using this as my treat for the month!

THE WAND CHOOSES THE WIZARD (£14.99): I don’t care if this catered towards the younger Potter fans…I am stupidly excited for this book! I remember having an interactive wand that was similar to Bop It and I loved it so much…then it broke. I really wished I had Spell-o-tape back then. What I love about this book is that you have to do the proper wand motion for it to work! It’s the closest I’m going to get to do the wand thing at Orlando! Plus Scholastic knows how to make me happy!

LUNA’S GLASSES TRAVEL PASS (£2.99): I have ordered this because I needed a new travel pass after having my Osgood pass finally dare after all these years. I was gutted! If anyone else like me and Neville Longbottom, you tend to always misplace something and not know where you put it. I’m hoping that this brilliantly bright Luna Lovegood pass will be enough for me to spot and keep my Oyster card safe!

13TH DOCTOR ACTION FIGURE (£19.99): Is it really a surprise that I want to spend my money on this new Doctor Who stuff?! I can just tell that the 13th Doctor is going to Sonic her way into my heart! I have already missed out on getting the other Doctors in action figure form and you can’t miss out the merch for the first ever female Doctor! Plus I really hope we get Jodie playing with her new figure!

13TH DOCTOR ROCK CANDY FIGURE (£10.99): Same as the reason above!!

DOCTOR WHO: THE WOMEN WHO LIVED (£14.99): I’m desperate to get this book for 3 reasons! 1. It’s all about the incredible women based in the Who-verse! So many ladies for me to relive my crushes for! 2. I’m clearly meant to buy this book! I mean…The Women Who Lived…TheDeeWhoLived! 3. Christel follows me back on Twitter so maybe I’ll finally get that restraining order against me! Haha!

BLUE RANGER, YU-GI-OH AND CORALINE FUNKO POPS (£9.99): I couldn’t have a new-in without some new Funko Pops! With it being 25 years since the original Power Rangers (the ones I grew up with and loved), I know for sure that a Billy funko will be coming to live with me! He was always my favourite along with Kimberly (the pink ranger)! The same goes with Yami from Yu-Gi-Oh. Here’s an interesting fact and extremely weird one: I actually fancied the voice used for Yami! It was so cute! It stunned me when I was older to learn that the actor who did Yugi and Yami were the same guy! *bows down to Dan Green* As for Coraline:  SO CUTE!!

What new releases are you looking to for September?



How I Survived My GCSE Results

GCSE Results

Right, teens all over the UK are freaking out about their GCSE results and I still remember exactly how I felt when I headed into school with my Mum to find out how bad I’d done. I’m not that old, okay?! Since today is GCSE results day, I wanted to share how I felt getting mine and reliving some of the fears I’d had about A-Levels and university.

People think that only doing your GCSEs is the scary part but they don’t stop to think what the results day will be like for students too! It’s the day where you find out whether all your hard work has paid off and you got the grades you needed for your A-Level classes (and better) or you did worse than you expected. When I was doing studying for my GCSEs, my dad had only just passed away and you can imagine how much that threw things out of wack. I’d never been a confident person with schoolwork (even though I loved doing it) and that kind of made things extra hard for me.

GCSEs + exams + losing my dad = very frazzled Daisy!

When I found out the date for getting my GCSE results, I actually tried to give my Mum the wrong date to take off work because I didn’t want her to see how bad I had failed. I was her only child and I’d had all these crazy nightmares the night before about dumping me for being such a terrible daughter. Haha! Fortunately, Mum knew what a terrible liar was and made me tell her the right one so she could come and support me (aka wait in the car). I did all the usual exams along with Spanish, Music, Religious Education and Food Technology (what? I wanted to make and eat food on the way home from school!).

I honestly didn’t even put any thought to Maths because I (even to this day) am terrible at it. I was one of those kids who was in the bottom classes with extra staff there to give support. Well, my Maths teacher never gave us the extra support and, after 10 minutes of an actual lesson, he would talk about computers, McDonalds and everything else other than what he was supposed to teach us. I can say it now (since I redid the exam) that I actually got an E. Believe me, I tried my hardest to understand the exam but I was doomed before I even started. Here are the grades I got for my other subjects:

English: B (A in Speaking)
Science: CC
Maths: E (now a C! Woo!)
Music: C
Spanish: C
Religious Education: A (was 1 mark off an A*!!)
Food Technology: B

As you can tell, I didn’t really win at my exams but I was actually really happy with the grades I got considering everything that had been thrown at me during that time. I mean…look at my English and RE! I was so chuffed especially with the Speaking part…do you see why I did acting now?!). I didn’t even have to worry about my Mum either because she was even more happy with what I’d gotten and took me out to celebrate afterwards.

Did my GCSE results stop me from getting the A-Levels I wanted and passing them? No.

Did my GCSE results stop me going to university? Nope!

They might not being the best grades out there but they could have been a lot worse and there is so much support you can get from your teachers! Never give up on yourself!

If you are scared and need more support, contact the Exam Results Helpline (0808 100 8000) and they’ll be able to give you better advice!

How did you cope with GCSE Results Day?


Life Update | Mental Health and Back To School?!

Life Update

Oh, have I missed my blog! If you haven’t noticed, I’d disappeared on here and social media for a little bit and that’s because I’ve actually been busy for a change! I thought I’d check in with everyone and give you a slight life update.

Let’s start with the ol’ mental health. Oof, it’s been taking me on quite the roller-coaster over the last few weeks. One of the reasons why I’ve not been coming online as often is due to not being able to handle being online. It may sound awful but I can’t always cope with how perfect the internet tries to be. Believe me, I know that everyone has challenges and no life is perfect, but when you see all the edited pictures of perfection and your depression mocks you with it…ugh. I found that social media and even Youtube was seriously triggering me and I didn’t want to post until I felt I could. I wish I could say that I was better but today has been a pretty nasty one…survived though so yay!

What else have I been up to?

I’ve been signing myself up to courses and I’m actually really excited! I’m one of those weird people who loves learning new things and wished their life was constantly in education. I signed myself up to a walking group (not a course but meh) which only has other people battling mental health problems. I’ve been on two walks with them and they are so nice and understanding! It really helps when you’re surrounded people who get you and have endless amounts of patience.

I also signed up to do a teaching assistant course to get me helping some little kiddos in my area. When I was a kid, I actually wanted to be a teacher along with being an actress, but was told I was too shy to teach so never thought about it again. I don’t think I’d be able to teach properly in a school, but this way I’ll be able to help somehow. In September I’ll be doing a Time-Swap volunteering scheme (THANKS, ALI!), a mindfullness/yoga course, learning French and finally doing more sign lahguage/lip-reading classes. My GP said it was better to keep my mind so active that it will be too tired to think negatively which I totally agree with. I hope Hermione would be proud of me with all this learning, especially since I’ve been at my local library almost every day lately.

Thank you so much for being supportive whenever I’ve popped up on Twitter. I know I haven’t been involved with you lot like I used to, but I’m hoping to try a little harder to post more.

Hope you’re all having an amazing summer!