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31 Harry Potter Ideas For Summer


Happy July, Potterheads (and other readers! haha)! I hope everyone had an amazing June. I recently moved into my new flat so last month was very hectic for me as you can imagine. Whoever says moving to a new place is easy, kick them in the shin!

I’m really looking forward to seeing what July has in store for me. With it being July, that also means that it is technically ‘Harry Potter’ month!!  Well, it will be Harry’s 38th birthday at the end of this month so I like to make one giant party for the whole of July. You guys are all either breaking up for summer or taking booked holidays from work so I thought I’d fill in some of that time (and August since I know a lot of schools break up around 23rd July). There are 31 days on both July and August (phew…long summer holidays!) so I’ve put together 31 Harry Potter things you can do this summer to keep you and maybe even your family entertained!

  1. Visit WB Studio Tour so you can check out The Goblet of Fire exhibit.
  2. Learn how to fly a broom at Alnwick Castle (I WANT TO DO THIS SO BAD!)
  3. Pre-order the Crimes of Grindelwald screenplay and Tales of Beedle The Bard.
  4. Grab 4 friends and Sort them into their Hogwarts House on Pottermore.
  5. Do something good for charity and donate to Lumos! If you donate, you could win a chance to go to the Crimes of Grindelwald premiere this November!
  6. Cook some cupcakes that can sort you into your House.
  7. Subscribe to some Harry Potter Youtubers:
    Tessa Netting
    Seamus Gorman
    The Luna Diaries
    – The Hufflepuff Queen
  8. Try drawing your favourite characters.
  9. Have a Harry Potter film marathon.
  10. Write a journal as if you were getting ready to start Hogwarts in September!
  11. Write some fanfiction.
  12. Take a journey up to Scotland and visit Edinburgh and some places that inspired JK Rowling for the books.
  13. Go to a convention like MCM Comic Con dressed up as your favourite Potter character.
  14. Tweet some of the Harry Potter actors from stage and screen.
  15. Write a letter to your favourite actor and maybe ask for an autograph.
  16. Have a Harry Potter sleepover with quizzes, film-watching etc.
  17. Create your own Harry Potter-inspired look from clothes to makeup.
  18. Do some colouring in one of the Hogwarts colouring books.
  19. Make your own Harry Potter short film.
  20. Become a Harry Potter Youtuber!
  21. Try to convert some from your family or friends to Harry Potter through the summer.
  22. Book tickets to see The Cursed Child at London or New York.
  23. Create a school trunk and tell us what would be in yours.
  24. Have a conversation in only Harry Potter quotes.
  25. Have a wand duel with a friend (be safe and don’t forget your Second!)
  26. Visit Oxford and have a look at some of the locations used in the films.
  27. Be inspired by Kelsey Ellison and make your own dance!
  28. Take a look in Primark and see what Harry Potter goodies they have.
  29. Do the Bean Boozled challenge with Bertie Botts’ Every Flavour Beans.
  30. Think like Hermione Granger and do some reading at your local library.
  31. Be a real-life Hogwarts student.

I hope that these gave you some interesting ideas on how to make this summer magical! Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter whether you do any of these because I’d love to hear about it!