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Turning A Tiny Space Into My Nerdy Office


What you’re seeing in the picture above is only a temporary look for my nerdy office, but I still wanted to talk about what I’ve stuck in my new desk space and shelves! I’m hoping to get the teeny room itself decorated this week while it’s still cool and eventually get some proper storage space. I have a whole large box full of Potter stuff still to find a place for and it wasn’t until I moved that I realised how much stuff I’ve collected over the years! It’s crazy! Haha! I never knew I was going to have this space when I first viewed the flat, but was so surprised when I discovered that this desk had been left and had clearly been used as a mini office space. Very handy for me so thanks person who owned before.

My friend Lisa (HI LISA!) helped cleaning the desk up when I first got the keys since it had gotten pretty grubby and had spider webs hanging on the shelves. I’m hoping to use the office as an office soon but, because the window in there doesn’t give a whole lot of light, I need to figure out a clever way to introduce some brightness into the room! If any of my smart blogger friends know of any techniques, I’d love to know. I’m thinking about some fairy-lights across the wall above but I’ve never done this before…ahhh!

I’ve tried to create a slight system to the madness that is the shelf space because I like certain things to be together and not mixed with other stuff!

Okay…on your bottom left, we have my stationery section. I really want to get some storage for my notebooks, pens and what-nots but I’ve had to make do with putting them in little piles and hoping I don’t lose anything there. Moving along the bottom shelf, I’m going to turn that section in my other fandom favourites. I’ll try to mix in Sherlock with Doctor Who and see what happens! If I can’t have Wholock on TV, I’ll have it in my office! The books on the bottom right are all my acting books so far. We’ve got Stanislavski, Patsy Rodenburg, Michael Chekhov and a few plays mixed in there too. I’m going to put my clipperboard down there but it’s currently being used as a book-stop.

On the shelf above (from right to left), we have the start of my Harry Potter section! Like I said, this is only temporary but I had to make my Potter stuff feel at home. We have all the copies of the books I own (I still need to add the Slytherin edition to my House collection), then we have books about the movies which I adore especially since they have so much information that I’ve always want to know and then we have my Illustrated Editions! Very heavy but incredible! I have some House bunting from Primark that I want to hang on the bottom of that shelf but the blu-tac hates me and the bunting keeps falling down. *sigh* Of course I have my Funkos up there and now I get to start collecting them properly! WOO! Now where to find money…

The last section is the Youtuber section. Any books or autographs that I’ve gotten from Youtubers are stored in that little corner. You can’t really see it since I don’t own that much but at least I have something to build on.

I don’t have that much room to add much storage behind my chair (I need to get a comfy chair soon!), but I’m going to find ways to make it work. When I do, I’ll probably create a post about what I discovered.

I can’t wait to show you the final look when I’ve had the chance to finish it, but for now, welcome to my nerdy office!

Do you have a space in your home where you’re full on nerdy?

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