The LGBTQ+ Youtubers Who Inspire Me | Pride Month 2018

pride month

June 1st marked the start of Pride Month and technically this is my first since coming out as bisexual last year so happy pride month to me and to any of my readers who are LGBTQ+! I’ve actually been really excited to write some more posts like these because I feel a bit comfortable chatting about it and, if anyone wants me to write some, let me know in the comments below and we’ll see what I come up.

I’m planning to have this week as my Pride Week so here is the first one of the week: sharing my favourite LGBTQ+ Youtubers who have inspired me and a lot of other people!

Tyler Oakley

Tyler may have nearly 8 million subscribers but more people need to subscribe because HE IS A PRECIOUS LITTLE CUPCAKE!! He makes my heart so happy and it’s this video that made find the courage to come out to you guys on Twitter. I haven’t been able to tell my family just yet because they’re a harder bunch to crack. I’ve watched him for years and love his laugh, his positivity and everything he has been doing for the LGBTQ+ community!

Joey Graceffa

Like Tyler, Joey has that infectious smile that makes me we want to smile along with him! I’d only watched a handful of his videos a few years ago but it wasn’t until I saw this music video that made me subscribe and become literally obsessed with what he creates. I’m so happy that I still watch him faithfully after 3 years and he’s even branched out to Minecraft gaming (my guilty pleasure)! He and Daniel are the sweetest couple with their furry babies!

thomas sanders

I’m starting to discover a pattern in the people I subscribe to and I love it! I, like loads of his subscribers, first found Thomas on Vine and he still go back to watch his shorts if my depression kicks and I need a reminder on how to smile. What I love about Thomas is how he has created a family with all his friends and they all have different kinds of sexuality. It’s incredible to show love for everyone and is perfect for anyone who could be struggling with what they feel or who they should be. It’s okay whatever you choose!

dodie clark

Dodie has been a big thing for me before and after I understood that I liked both guys and girls. I love watching stories of how people came out to friends and family, but the fact that Dodie wrote her coming out into a song is perfect! It’s so Dodie! I really want to meet her one day and bow down to her with my little purple flag so I can thank her. I’m still worried these days about how others see people who are bi even in the LGBTQ+ community, but I’m slowly finding my way to understand that the only opinions I care are those who love you for you.

Jazz Jennings

I wanted to involve everyone in the community on this list and I’m a little sad that I don’t know more transgender or genderfluid vloggers but I’m hoping you guys will help me find more people to love and fangirl over! I didn’t even know that Jazz had started Youtube until I started writing this post! If you don’t Jazz, she started transitioning from boy to girl at a pretty young age and even has a TV show on TLC called ‘I Am Jazz’ following her journey as she goes through life dealing with any transgender milestones, coping with close-minded people and her epic family! She seems like such a strong woman and I kind of wish she sold her confidence so I could soak it up! Haha!

ingrid nielson

AHHH INGRID! I’m going to admit this for the first time on here but Ingrid is actually my internet crush. *blush* I think she’s so pretty and funny and dog is so freaking adorable! I’ve subscribed to her for what seems like forever and, when she posted her coming out video, I actually burst into happy tears for her. I had had no idea that she’d been going through all this behind the scenes but I’m just glad that she’s finally happy with who she is!

connie glynn

Again, Connie is fitting into my Youtube choices! She’s quirky, unique and I need her sequel to be in my life already! I have had the pleasure to meet her at MCM Comic Con and she was super nice. She mainly focuses on videos about voice imperessions, Disney or rather positive things so you tend to take notice when she posts something more serious!

shane dawson

Okay, Shane is one of the very few Youtubers I follow who swears like a sailor but I still love his stuff! His videos are enough explanation for me (he does creepy stuff but they’re hilarious to watch!) and I just love Shyland (his boyfriend is called Ryland!).

jessica kellgren-fozard

I found Jessica and Claudia completely by accident! I was craving vintage-inspired videos and, as I was searching through the Youtubes, I stumbled upon Jessica and her beautiful channel. She looks stunning in her vintage looks but she’s much more than that! She’s very eloquent, she is also deaf so does some really handy sign-language tutorials which is perfect for me since I’m learning it and she sometimes does videos with her wife Claudia! They are so cute together and their wedding should have more views! I’d love to have a beautiful service like that!

ash hardell

If you haven’t heard of Ash, where have you been?! They are so creative and, even though I’m new to their channel, I still wanted to include them on this list! I can’t watch a lot of their videos because I’m weird like that about some of the stuff they talk about, but the ones I do watch are so different and like little short films!

There you go! My very first Pride Month post! I hope you found some new youtubers to love or discovered something you didn’t know about them until now. I can’t wait to write more this month about LGBTQ+ so hit me up in the comments about what you’d like to see me talk about.

Which LGTBQ+ Youtubers are you subscribed to?

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