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The Best Fandom Apps for iPhone/Android


Apps are literally what clue us to our phones these days. Whether it be Twitter, Instagram, VSCO or games, we are obsessed with downloading apps to make our lives a little bit easier. I actually don’t have that many apps on my phone because I am super fussy with what I like and what will keep my attention! I love sorting my apps into sections depending on what I use like apps for blogging, apps for social media and apps for fandom. You’d be surprised how many amazing things out there for fangirls and boys these days!

Let’s have a dive into my phone to show you what I love to use and what drains my battery to the inch of its little iPhone life.

Hogwarts Mystery (IPHONE & ANDROID)

Are you really surprised that I started my post with a Harry Potter app? You really shouldn’t be! I actually have a couple of Potter apps that I want to shower my life on, but I won’t go into crazy detail here since I already did a review on the start of this game! I’m loving it right now, especially since I’m friends with Tonks and there are also new events to get clothes for your character!

Westworld mobile

I only recently downloaded this app to my phone and I think I’m now being sucked into the world itself. I’m addicted to the TV show so it wasn’t a big jump in loving this as well! You don’t have the typical wait for energy to build up before you can go again, but you do have to wait for interactions to be done! Fine with me! I love that you join up as intern, get to create new hosts for the guests to play along with and also have the usual underlying terror that we’ve grown accustomed to. Gotta love Sylvester’s typical snark!

Fantastic Beasts: Cases From The Wizarding World

Yep, another Potter app and this is not just Harry Potter….it’s a Fantastic Beasts inspired game!! This made my fangirl heart skip a beat when it was released a year or so ago and it’s very easy to get addicted to the little story that appears.


What I love about this game is not just the incredible art design of all the characters, but being able to solve mysteries surrounding magical creatures, casting spells, brew potions and just feeling such an epic Magizoologist! More people need to discover this beauty especially with the Crimes of Grindelwald coming out in 144 days…I have a countdown on my sidebar! Haha!

Sherlock: The Network

If you adore the BBC Sherlock series, then you will have either being playing this over and over again or didn’t know it existed but will now be addicted! This isn’t just your average app game. You actually have to use that ol’ brain of yours to get through the games within. Another reason to love this is that it actually has the cast involved! You get videos of Benedict and Martin chatting to you, receive voicemails from them and have them involved in the story-line! It has to be one of the best fandom apps out there!


This is the ultimate app for fans of multiple fandoms! It is an app that has so many fandom communities for you to chat about everything to do with what you love. You have theories, chats, quizzes and more! I’m connected to the Harry Potter, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Miraculous Ladybug and Thomas Sanders aminos! I love chatting with people all over the world and seeing what they create! Watch out for notifications though because they can send your phone a little crazy! Haha!

What apps are you addicted to playing?

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