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Favourite DVDs For Surviving No Internet

no internet

One of the hardest thing for a girl like me to go through is to have no internet. I thought it would be easier but I genuinely got bored of TV within the first two days and I still have 3 days to go with zero way of getting online. Well…not zero. I sold my soul to the data gods so I could at least spend an hour catching up on what is happening in the friend land. I am going to be sneaky today and tomorrow…I still have my keys for another week and working wifi at my old place so I’m going to take myself off there for a few hours today so I can chill out and then head to my local library.

Daisy can’t handle no internet and no social life at the same time, people!

I find the evenings the hardest to be honest since that is usually my post-writing/catching-up time with friends. Not being able to talk to you lot as much is actually affecting my mental health more than the actual move itself. Got to love being a modern person, huh? What I planned prior to knowing that I’d have no internet in my new flat, I downloaded a couple series of The Good Witch off Netflix because Bailee Madison is awesome! I also purposely didn’t watch a couple new films I’d bought over the couple of months so I could see them with fresh eyes and have something to keep preoccupied.

Knowing a few people who will be moving to their new places in the next year, I wanted to share and fangirl over my personal 10 DVD choices to keeping me sane:

(1) Merlin (BBC Series 1-5)

The advantage of being a long-time fangirl of a TV show is that you were not only there when it was first broadcast but you also had time to purchase all the DVDs. I still can’t believe that Merlin isn’t on my TV anymore. I have some fond memories of messaging my friend Lindsey on Saturdays so we could literally squeal at each other when Merlin and Arthur seemed to have a moment or sigh at either Bradley James or Colin Morgan. We had our priorities correct! It’s actually 10 years this year since it was first broadcast so I’m a happy fangirl! Cue the epic theme music!

(2) Digimon (Digital Monsters – Season 1)

I have loved this show for so many years and it gives me such nostalgic feels! It might sound a bit like a rip-off to Pokemon but it is so much more! It has a really cool story to it and, even though the characters are pretty cheesy, I still love them! I have Season 1 to the show since I didn’t know you could have it on DVD until recently, but I also have a more recent film of them when they’re older! It was so cool to be brought back to their world again after so many years. I, of course, had a ship to love: TK x Kari!

(3) Mulan

If there is any film that can kick me into gear and get things done, it has to be Mulan! Not only has got one of the best songs (LET’S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS!) but there is something about this particular Disney princess that I love to bits. She is strong-willed yet not afraid to understand her weaknesses if they’ll help her and others. Plus she has the cutest sidekick who tries to help but tends to fail a lot of the time!

(4) Hercules

Another Disney film but I have zero regrets! You can never wrong with watching a Disney film when you’re trying to ignore what you don’t have (no internet! *insert terrified squeal here*). One of my top 5 Disney films has to be Hercules. Again, the music is incredible and I love that I still know all the words to all of the songs. My favourite characters have to be the Muses…sassy and so good! I’ve just found the storyboard video to the song ‘Zero To Hero’ and it’s genius! I didn’t know they used the actresses to plot out the song in front of a camera, costumes and dancing.

What do you do to survive with no internet?

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