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Fandom Harry Potter

The Best Fandom Apps for iPhone/Android


Apps are literally what clue us to our phones these days. Whether it be Twitter, Instagram, VSCO or games, we are obsessed with downloading apps to make our lives a little bit easier. I actually don’t have that many apps on my phone because I am super fussy with what I like and what will keep my attention! I love sorting my apps into sections depending on what I use like apps for blogging, apps for social media and apps for fandom. You’d be surprised how many amazing things out there for fangirls and boys these days!

Let’s have a dive into my phone to show you what I love to use and what drains my battery to the inch of its little iPhone life.

Hogwarts Mystery (IPHONE & ANDROID)

Are you really surprised that I started my post with a Harry Potter app? You really shouldn’t be! I actually have a couple of Potter apps that I want to shower my life on, but I won’t go into crazy detail here since I already did a review on the start of this game! I’m loving it right now, especially since I’m friends with Tonks and there are also new events to get clothes for your character!

Westworld mobile

I only recently downloaded this app to my phone and I think I’m now being sucked into the world itself. I’m addicted to the TV show so it wasn’t a big jump in loving this as well! You don’t have the typical wait for energy to build up before you can go again, but you do have to wait for interactions to be done! Fine with me! I love that you join up as intern, get to create new hosts for the guests to play along with and also have the usual underlying terror that we’ve grown accustomed to. Gotta love Sylvester’s typical snark!

Fantastic Beasts: Cases From The Wizarding World

Yep, another Potter app and this is not just Harry Potter….it’s a Fantastic Beasts inspired game!! This made my fangirl heart skip a beat when it was released a year or so ago and it’s very easy to get addicted to the little story that appears.


What I love about this game is not just the incredible art design of all the characters, but being able to solve mysteries surrounding magical creatures, casting spells, brew potions and just feeling such an epic Magizoologist! More people need to discover this beauty especially with the Crimes of Grindelwald coming out in 144 days…I have a countdown on my sidebar! Haha!

Sherlock: The Network

If you adore the BBC Sherlock series, then you will have either being playing this over and over again or didn’t know it existed but will now be addicted! This isn’t just your average app game. You actually have to use that ol’ brain of yours to get through the games within. Another reason to love this is that it actually has the cast involved! You get videos of Benedict and Martin chatting to you, receive voicemails from them and have them involved in the story-line! It has to be one of the best fandom apps out there!


This is the ultimate app for fans of multiple fandoms! It is an app that has so many fandom communities for you to chat about everything to do with what you love. You have theories, chats, quizzes and more! I’m connected to the Harry Potter, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Miraculous Ladybug and Thomas Sanders aminos! I love chatting with people all over the world and seeing what they create! Watch out for notifications though because they can send your phone a little crazy! Haha!

What apps are you addicted to playing?

Lifestyle Mental Health

Dealing With The First Death Anniversary


Today, at 2.20pm one year ago, was when I discovered that my mum had died and my whole world fell apart. I have literally been staring at my computer screen for days trying to figure out how to write this post and, to be honest, I wish I wasn’t writing it. I wish that my mum hadn’t died and that she was still dozing peacefully in her chair…but she’s not and that is why I’m struggling to write.

There are so many things I wish I could tell her and could apologise for.

I’m sorry that I ever lied to you about anything.

I’m sorry that I never made you proud even though you told people I did make you proud.

I’m sorry that you never got to walk me down the aisle.

I’m sorry that I never gave you grand-children.

I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to gotten hold over my mental health.

There are a lot of things I’m sorry for and that I regret, but one of the biggest I have is that I wasn’t there for you when you died. I was too late to reassure you that everything would be okay and that you didn’t have to worry about leaving me. I wasn’t there to hold your hand in case you were scared of dying. This train of thought has remained with me over the last year and, even though I still regret not being there, I’ve discovered that I’m actually a little glad that I was late. I don’t think I’d have been able to cope with seeing you go right before me.

I’ve dealt with a death anniversary before when Dad passed away and today bears the same constant ache deep within my chest and burn within my eyes. How can people be laughing and singing outside when you’re not here any more? It’s typical that this anniversary has exactly the same weather as last year. I had planned to go up to the nursing home she’d stayed in to pay respects to the last place where she’d been alive but it was too difficult. It’s been literally impossible to even leave my flat today so I’ve been playing the music she loved and watching the England match, grinning over the fact that you’d be complaining about watching ‘the rich boys kicking a stupid ball around’. We did love sport so I think you would have been happy to see them getting 6 goals.

Every anniversary will be different.

The first one will always be the hardest.

After this, it’ll become the norm. You’ll remember them and maybe even do something special in their honour, but they will get easier. It’ll be 18 years next year for my dad and it isn’t as difficult to go on with my dad. Yes, I get sad that he isn’t here to see certain things but I know that he’ll have my mum by his side and watching over me. Some of the handy things that helped me over the last year were being shown some sites and numbers that I was able to contact whenever my grief tried to overwhelm me. Here are the few that really helped:

Cruse Bereavement Care
Marie Curie 
Winston’s Wish (great team to help grieving kids)

If you have a first death anniversary coming for your loved one this year, we’re all here for you and so are they.


My Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures

Everyone has heard of the term ‘guilty pleasure’ when you’re chatting about liking something that you might be a little embarrassed to admit you like. We all have them! I’ve been wanting to share some of my own guilty pleasures and ready to dig myself into the biggest hole in case I am judged by everyone on the internet. A few of these are probably liked by a lot of people, but a couple are a little…different.

Don’t ask for a restraining order until after reading the post, ‘kay? ‘Kay.


I’m totally not embarrassed by loving anime! I don’t really keep it a secret when I’m constantly using gifs in my tweets from some of my favourite series. I’ve been a massive fan of anime since around 2006. You can blame Ouran High School Host Club for this! I still have it on DVD and you honestly have to watch it! There are two characters, Hikaru and Kaoru, who remind me so much of the Weasley twins! They’re ginger and they love to cause trouble. Remind you of Gred and Forge? Other faves have to be Cardcaptor Sakura, Chrono Crusade, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles and Sword Art Online. Believe me, I’d be here all day if I made a list of everything I love to watch but these are the ones that still have me sobbing like a little baby!


Hello. I’m Daisy, I’m 30 years old and I love playing Minecraft. You heard that correctly. I love playing a kids’ game! Since the game came out in my 20s, it came late into my life and I’m pretty certain that I would have played these even in my teens if it had been around then. This game is so addicting! I love the idea of putting some music on and going off to mine for different ores, materials and then creating my own little village! It’s grown up so much over the years with mods, new versions and updates bringing animals, biomes and servers so you can chat with people all over the world! I’ve had a couple of people raise their eyebrow at me when I mentioned how old I was and asked why I was playing something for a kid.

I’ll let you know the answer the day I care. (Ooooh, Daisy burn!)

Not only do I love playing the game, but I also love watching Minecraft Youtubers. There are so many these days but here is a teeny list of those I faithfully watch:


Keeping Up With The Kardashians

This has to be one of the top guilty pleasures around right now! I’m also certain this show is like Marmite. Some people can’t stand this family since they’re everywhere and there are so many in the family and others love them! I actually really enjoy watching the TV show and I used to watch it along with Mum. It used to drive us up the wall with some of the stuff they got up to (Mum didn’t like Kourtney at all!) but it was what drove us to visit Los Angeles a few years ago just so Mum could feel like Kris Jenner for a couple of weeks. I have to say I love Khloe and Kendall because they seem a little different to the others and you can’t deny that it’s super fun to imagine yourself in their place.


If anyone else has heard the Oprah quote ‘I love bread!’, then she is speaking my language! I literally love eating bread to the point that it’s actually pretty scary how many slices I can eat. I think when I was at my heaviest, I ate around 12 slices a day. I KNOW! *hangs head in shame* I still eat a little too much but I’m training myself to eat less. That said, I’m currently eating some gluten free right now. What? I might be intolerant to gluten and still love bread! Guilty pleasures are meant to be loved and make you feel guilty…that’s their whole purpose!

Do you have any guilty pleasures?
(Share in the comments so we can share the pain! Haha!)

Fandom Harry Potter

Turning A Tiny Space Into My Nerdy Office


What you’re seeing in the picture above is only a temporary look for my nerdy office, but I still wanted to talk about what I’ve stuck in my new desk space and shelves! I’m hoping to get the teeny room itself decorated this week while it’s still cool and eventually get some proper storage space. I have a whole large box full of Potter stuff still to find a place for and it wasn’t until I moved that I realised how much stuff I’ve collected over the years! It’s crazy! Haha! I never knew I was going to have this space when I first viewed the flat, but was so surprised when I discovered that this desk had been left and had clearly been used as a mini office space. Very handy for me so thanks person who owned before.

My friend Lisa (HI LISA!) helped cleaning the desk up when I first got the keys since it had gotten pretty grubby and had spider webs hanging on the shelves. I’m hoping to use the office as an office soon but, because the window in there doesn’t give a whole lot of light, I need to figure out a clever way to introduce some brightness into the room! If any of my smart blogger friends know of any techniques, I’d love to know. I’m thinking about some fairy-lights across the wall above but I’ve never done this before…ahhh!

I’ve tried to create a slight system to the madness that is the shelf space because I like certain things to be together and not mixed with other stuff!

Okay…on your bottom left, we have my stationery section. I really want to get some storage for my notebooks, pens and what-nots but I’ve had to make do with putting them in little piles and hoping I don’t lose anything there. Moving along the bottom shelf, I’m going to turn that section in my other fandom favourites. I’ll try to mix in Sherlock with Doctor Who and see what happens! If I can’t have Wholock on TV, I’ll have it in my office! The books on the bottom right are all my acting books so far. We’ve got Stanislavski, Patsy Rodenburg, Michael Chekhov and a few plays mixed in there too. I’m going to put my clipperboard down there but it’s currently being used as a book-stop.

On the shelf above (from right to left), we have the start of my Harry Potter section! Like I said, this is only temporary but I had to make my Potter stuff feel at home. We have all the copies of the books I own (I still need to add the Slytherin edition to my House collection), then we have books about the movies which I adore especially since they have so much information that I’ve always want to know and then we have my Illustrated Editions! Very heavy but incredible! I have some House bunting from Primark that I want to hang on the bottom of that shelf but the blu-tac hates me and the bunting keeps falling down. *sigh* Of course I have my Funkos up there and now I get to start collecting them properly! WOO! Now where to find money…

The last section is the Youtuber section. Any books or autographs that I’ve gotten from Youtubers are stored in that little corner. You can’t really see it since I don’t own that much but at least I have something to build on.

I don’t have that much room to add much storage behind my chair (I need to get a comfy chair soon!), but I’m going to find ways to make it work. When I do, I’ll probably create a post about what I discovered.

I can’t wait to show you the final look when I’ve had the chance to finish it, but for now, welcome to my nerdy office!

Do you have a space in your home where you’re full on nerdy?

Fandom Lifestyle

Favourite DVDs For Surviving No Internet

no internet

One of the hardest thing for a girl like me to go through is to have no internet. I thought it would be easier but I genuinely got bored of TV within the first two days and I still have 3 days to go with zero way of getting online. Well…not zero. I sold my soul to the data gods so I could at least spend an hour catching up on what is happening in the friend land. I am going to be sneaky today and tomorrow…I still have my keys for another week and working wifi at my old place so I’m going to take myself off there for a few hours today so I can chill out and then head to my local library.

Daisy can’t handle no internet and no social life at the same time, people!

I find the evenings the hardest to be honest since that is usually my post-writing/catching-up time with friends. Not being able to talk to you lot as much is actually affecting my mental health more than the actual move itself. Got to love being a modern person, huh? What I planned prior to knowing that I’d have no internet in my new flat, I downloaded a couple series of The Good Witch off Netflix because Bailee Madison is awesome! I also purposely didn’t watch a couple new films I’d bought over the couple of months so I could see them with fresh eyes and have something to keep preoccupied.

Knowing a few people who will be moving to their new places in the next year, I wanted to share and fangirl over my personal 10 DVD choices to keeping me sane:

(1) Merlin (BBC Series 1-5)

The advantage of being a long-time fangirl of a TV show is that you were not only there when it was first broadcast but you also had time to purchase all the DVDs. I still can’t believe that Merlin isn’t on my TV anymore. I have some fond memories of messaging my friend Lindsey on Saturdays so we could literally squeal at each other when Merlin and Arthur seemed to have a moment or sigh at either Bradley James or Colin Morgan. We had our priorities correct! It’s actually 10 years this year since it was first broadcast so I’m a happy fangirl! Cue the epic theme music!

(2) Digimon (Digital Monsters – Season 1)

I have loved this show for so many years and it gives me such nostalgic feels! It might sound a bit like a rip-off to Pokemon but it is so much more! It has a really cool story to it and, even though the characters are pretty cheesy, I still love them! I have Season 1 to the show since I didn’t know you could have it on DVD until recently, but I also have a more recent film of them when they’re older! It was so cool to be brought back to their world again after so many years. I, of course, had a ship to love: TK x Kari!

(3) Mulan

If there is any film that can kick me into gear and get things done, it has to be Mulan! Not only has got one of the best songs (LET’S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS!) but there is something about this particular Disney princess that I love to bits. She is strong-willed yet not afraid to understand her weaknesses if they’ll help her and others. Plus she has the cutest sidekick who tries to help but tends to fail a lot of the time!

(4) Hercules

Another Disney film but I have zero regrets! You can never wrong with watching a Disney film when you’re trying to ignore what you don’t have (no internet! *insert terrified squeal here*). One of my top 5 Disney films has to be Hercules. Again, the music is incredible and I love that I still know all the words to all of the songs. My favourite characters have to be the Muses…sassy and so good! I’ve just found the storyboard video to the song ‘Zero To Hero’ and it’s genius! I didn’t know they used the actresses to plot out the song in front of a camera, costumes and dancing.

What do you do to survive with no internet?


The LGBTQ+ Youtubers Who Inspire Me | Pride Month 2018

pride month

June 1st marked the start of Pride Month and technically this is my first since coming out as bisexual last year so happy pride month to me and to any of my readers who are LGBTQ+! I’ve actually been really excited to write some more posts like these because I feel a bit comfortable chatting about it and, if anyone wants me to write some, let me know in the comments below and we’ll see what I come up.

I’m planning to have this week as my Pride Week so here is the first one of the week: sharing my favourite LGBTQ+ Youtubers who have inspired me and a lot of other people!

Tyler Oakley

Tyler may have nearly 8 million subscribers but more people need to subscribe because HE IS A PRECIOUS LITTLE CUPCAKE!! He makes my heart so happy and it’s this video that made find the courage to come out to you guys on Twitter. I haven’t been able to tell my family just yet because they’re a harder bunch to crack. I’ve watched him for years and love his laugh, his positivity and everything he has been doing for the LGBTQ+ community!

Joey Graceffa

Like Tyler, Joey has that infectious smile that makes me we want to smile along with him! I’d only watched a handful of his videos a few years ago but it wasn’t until I saw this music video that made me subscribe and become literally obsessed with what he creates. I’m so happy that I still watch him faithfully after 3 years and he’s even branched out to Minecraft gaming (my guilty pleasure)! He and Daniel are the sweetest couple with their furry babies!

thomas sanders

I’m starting to discover a pattern in the people I subscribe to and I love it! I, like loads of his subscribers, first found Thomas on Vine and he still go back to watch his shorts if my depression kicks and I need a reminder on how to smile. What I love about Thomas is how he has created a family with all his friends and they all have different kinds of sexuality. It’s incredible to show love for everyone and is perfect for anyone who could be struggling with what they feel or who they should be. It’s okay whatever you choose!

dodie clark

Dodie has been a big thing for me before and after I understood that I liked both guys and girls. I love watching stories of how people came out to friends and family, but the fact that Dodie wrote her coming out into a song is perfect! It’s so Dodie! I really want to meet her one day and bow down to her with my little purple flag so I can thank her. I’m still worried these days about how others see people who are bi even in the LGBTQ+ community, but I’m slowly finding my way to understand that the only opinions I care are those who love you for you.

Jazz Jennings

I wanted to involve everyone in the community on this list and I’m a little sad that I don’t know more transgender or genderfluid vloggers but I’m hoping you guys will help me find more people to love and fangirl over! I didn’t even know that Jazz had started Youtube until I started writing this post! If you don’t Jazz, she started transitioning from boy to girl at a pretty young age and even has a TV show on TLC called ‘I Am Jazz’ following her journey as she goes through life dealing with any transgender milestones, coping with close-minded people and her epic family! She seems like such a strong woman and I kind of wish she sold her confidence so I could soak it up! Haha!

ingrid nielson

AHHH INGRID! I’m going to admit this for the first time on here but Ingrid is actually my internet crush. *blush* I think she’s so pretty and funny and dog is so freaking adorable! I’ve subscribed to her for what seems like forever and, when she posted her coming out video, I actually burst into happy tears for her. I had had no idea that she’d been going through all this behind the scenes but I’m just glad that she’s finally happy with who she is!

connie glynn

Again, Connie is fitting into my Youtube choices! She’s quirky, unique and I need her sequel to be in my life already! I have had the pleasure to meet her at MCM Comic Con and she was super nice. She mainly focuses on videos about voice imperessions, Disney or rather positive things so you tend to take notice when she posts something more serious!

shane dawson

Okay, Shane is one of the very few Youtubers I follow who swears like a sailor but I still love his stuff! His videos are enough explanation for me (he does creepy stuff but they’re hilarious to watch!) and I just love Shyland (his boyfriend is called Ryland!).

jessica kellgren-fozard

I found Jessica and Claudia completely by accident! I was craving vintage-inspired videos and, as I was searching through the Youtubes, I stumbled upon Jessica and her beautiful channel. She looks stunning in her vintage looks but she’s much more than that! She’s very eloquent, she is also deaf so does some really handy sign-language tutorials which is perfect for me since I’m learning it and she sometimes does videos with her wife Claudia! They are so cute together and their wedding should have more views! I’d love to have a beautiful service like that!

ash hardell

If you haven’t heard of Ash, where have you been?! They are so creative and, even though I’m new to their channel, I still wanted to include them on this list! I can’t watch a lot of their videos because I’m weird like that about some of the stuff they talk about, but the ones I do watch are so different and like little short films!

There you go! My very first Pride Month post! I hope you found some new youtubers to love or discovered something you didn’t know about them until now. I can’t wait to write more this month about LGBTQ+ so hit me up in the comments about what you’d like to see me talk about.

Which LGTBQ+ Youtubers are you subscribed to?