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Letter To Cursed Child Year Two

Cursed Child

To all the cast and crew of Year 2 (yep, that rhymed! Haha!),

Tonight is your last ever performance. I’ve been reading your tweets all day and they’ve had all of your fans in pieces and we’re not even part of you guys! I never thought I’d connect so well with another cast after seeing the original the year before but I was very pleasantly surprised. You found your way into my heart and, even after you’ve gone, you’ll be stuck there forever. It sounds cheesy but it’s true!


I can’t imagine what it must’ve been like for you to take on Harry after Jamie Parker, but you did so much for Harry in the year that you played him! You honestly felt like such a dad yet you managed to show the obvious struggle he still had with the idea of family after everything that happened to him as a kid. The awkwardness you showed with him dealing with Albus reflected how much growing up with out his own parents affected him! Thank you!


Oh Tom! You were the perfect choice for Ron especially since you seem to be like him out of character as well! You brought a different kind of humour to my favourite Weasley, but to me, you showed that doubt hidden beneath his comedy. It’s like he wore a mask of confidence in front of other people but you could tell that he still lacked it compared to his friends. His best friend was Head Auror and his wife was Minister of Magic. I wish I could have hugged you during those moments! Haha! I can’t wait to see how you bounce off the new Jamie!


I’ve made it no hidden thing how much I loved your Hermione and you personally as an actress. I was so happy when I discovered that you were taking over from Noma and knew I couldn’t wait to see you growing the closeness between Ron and Hermione. They had such a complicated relationship but you never have any doubt how much these two love each other. I’m so sorry to see you go last minute; however, I know that the future for you will always be magical!


Fiesty Ginny! It was about time we saw the Ginny that was more evident in the books than in the films. The Weasley girl who had been brought up with six older brothers and knew how to hold her own against males and getting her point across! That scene with Draco in the kitchen has to be my favourite because there is nothing more scary than a terrified mother. Where Poppy had shown Ginny’s frustration with Harry constantly getting things wrong with Albus, you showed a kind of sadness and smoldering fury. You could tell that she was trying to be patient with her husband since she knew his lack of family experience, but she knew that he was still to blame for how he carried on handling things. Thank you!!


Whoever said that they could never love a Malfoy clearly never thought they would see you as Draco. You showed everyone that he had a heart regardless of what he did back at school. People grow up when they have children of their own and that’s what you did! I loved your moments with Sam and I sometimes forgot that I was watching a play and not seeing a proper interaction between father and son!


I will forever how much of a teenager you made Albus be: hormonal and moody! That said, you were able to make me love him as a character and see past all that moodiness. At the end of the day you showed him as the child that he was wanting nothing more to be loved just as much as James and Lily and to maybe even be protected from himself. Thank you for bringing him to life for this year and I can’t wait to see what else you perform in the future! You have a bunch of fans now!


Ughhh! How did you make me love Scorpius even more?! I honestly didn’t think that was possible. Scorpius is one of the characters that I feel more connected to than the others. We both lost our mums, both put up with bullying at school and both questioned themselves. I’m still stunned at how you managed to balance your comic performances alongside the scenes where you almost had him in tears. I wish I could have seen you perform more but I know that you’ll be onto something big!


You really could have been the daughter of Hermione and Ron! Haha! You seemed to bring all the lack of tact and foot in mouth of a young Hermione along with the stubborness and ’emotional range of a teaspoon’ of Ron! It must be so hard to start as an eleven year old and age up to fourteen/fifteen in two parts! You kind of broke me with the scene with her mum and I was genuinely so happy to hear that you were coming back for another year. I can’t wait to see how you build upon Rose and what other things you’ve yet to discover about her.


YOU BRILLIANT PERSON YOU! I wish I could have met you more at stage door because I needed more time to tell you how perfect you were as Delphi! I loved you as Moaning Myrtle in the first year and, when I heard the news that you were being almost upgraded up to Delphi, I may or may not have squealed. I was so excited to see your take on this super complicated woman and you did not disappoint me. You surpassed my thoughts and took every audience on a rollercoaster that we sometimes wished we could get off. Haha. I like to think if she hadn’t been brought up the way she was and had been given the chance to live a proper life, she would have been more the girl we see at the start and less the shattered soul she became. I’m trying so hard not to spoil in this gush so…yeah…thank you!!


WHY ARE YOU LEAVING US?! You made this play whether you took on the big parts as an understudy or as part of the crowd scenes. I could never take my eyes off you in the big scenes and you were my reasons for getting seats near the front to see what else you had to shout. How you came up with some of the calls I’ll never know but I loved them! I never got the chance to see you as Albus and I’m really kicking myself. I think understudies don’t get enough recognition. You have almost twice the amount to learn than the rest of the cast! You have your usual characters/ensemble parts to retain as well as all the lines of Albus in case Theo got sick! You didn’t just make an impression on the stage but off the stage too. Your friendliness and openess with us fans made seeing you after the show the ultimate pleasure. We tried not to push everyone since we knew you guys were shattered but you still made time for pictures and a chat!

I’m sad that the majority of people have to leave but understand that you have to take the step on a new journey. I really hope that you have the best of luck in whatever happens to you next and, for the others, I can’t wait to see what Year Three has in store for us!

Break a leg and thank you!

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