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My Harry Potter Resolutions


Back in January I came up with some Harry Potter resolutions in the place of your normal bog-standard resolutions. Have I done any? Erm…one? That counts as progress, right? Unfortunately I’m in the process of moving to a new flat and adding that along with my typical mental health has made completing any of these impossible, but I still wanted to make a post on here. I didn’t have my blog when I made these so I made a Youtube video instead! YES, if you follow my blog then you may not know I also have a Youtube channel. I haven’t posted anything in a few months due to the same reasons but I’m trying.

  1. Visit Gloucester Cathedral in Hogwarts robes (you can’t be at school without your robes!)
  2. Ride across the Glenfinnan Viaduct on the Jacobite (the real Hogwarts Express!)
  3. Get a photo with Eddie Redmayne and get his autograph.
  4. Get a picture with Emma Watson!
  5. Fangirl at a Fantastic Beasts premiere.
  6. Attend the Celebration of Harry Potter in Orlando (more of a 2019 goal but adding it!)
  7. Go and say goodbye to the 2nd Year Cursed Child Cast at stage-door.
  8. See the 3rd year cast in action!
  9. Cosplay as more Harry Potter characters.
  10. Visit Oliver’s Brighton so I can fangirl over everything and see the bunny!
  11. Visit Warner Bros Studio to see Dark Arts and Hogwarts in the Snow.
  12. Get a RT or a tweet from J.K Rowling herself. (THIS HAPPENED! AHHHHHHH!)

I do have a lot more that I wish to do in regards of Harry Potter resolutions such as meeting up with Vegard, Laura, Sophie and Seamus again because they are freaking adorable! At least I wouldn’t be weird anymore. Well…I am very weird but I know that they can handle me this time. Haha!

I’m already planning my trips to Gloucester (hey Shauna!) and to Edinburgh (I’m coming your way, Fiona!) so hopefully I’ll have some interesting stories and pictures to share here and on my Instagram!

Have you got any Harry Potter-related resolutions?

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