10 Books To Read If You Love Harry Potter


Everyone knows about my love for Harry Potter, but I have read books that are similar to it! If you ever find me in a book shop (which is extremely likely), you’ll more than likely to see me in the Childrens’ section. I am one giant adult child! It’s me we’re talking about. That and these books just interest me more than books that I probably should be reading for my age. Haha! I think my local Waterstones thinks I secretly live there or something. A couple of my choices were discovered on a holiday so nice and varied for you!

chronicles of narnia (c.s Lewis)

Before Harry Potter, this was a world of magic that I loved! I actually discovered it through an old BBC series that got me interested. It’s a really old show but still very magical! I then saw the film (which I adored so much) and then I read the books. Yeah, I kind of did it a very back-to-front way but I got there eventually and I loved all of the different ways they were done! My favourite character has to be Edmund because he starts off quite sinister and moody, but then becomes a hero! Best redemption story!


One of the booksellers at my local store actually recommended this to me and I surprisingly really enjoyed it! It was definitely a different take on a magic school and did have some similarities to Harry Potter with its own twist!


BEST STORY EVER!! What’s better than a witch at a magic school is a clumsy witch at a magic school! Mildred Hubble was so innocent and precious! You could tell that she really tries but everything ends up being difficult for her. She’s practically a female Neville Longbottom. The books are really easy to read  and fun fact: some of the new CBBC series was filmed at Alnwick Castle just like the Potter films were!


There are different types of magic in the world! You have the wizard/witch and then you have the Greek Gods like in Percy Jackson! It’s actually set in modern times and gets pretty creepy at moments, but I’m totally into shipping two of the main characters together: Percabeth (Percy x Annabeth). Read the books and you’ll know why! They’re adorable together! I know there were a couple of films made recently but I just can’t get into them at all. You know when you have a book turned into a film and it doesn’t stick to important parts? Yeah…that happened with these. Could’ve been amazing too!

the lost years of merlin (t.a barron)

This was one of the books I discovered around the same as I discovered Harry Potter. I’d been wandering around Pointe Orlando on my first ever trip to Florida when I stumbled across a book-shop. I’d always wanted to get a book from America so I saw this book about Merlin and grabbed it. Safe to say that I absolutely fell in love! It wasn’t your average take on the Arthurian legend since it was about Merlin as a boy and how he was slowly coming into magic. Basically an early version of BBC Merlin with no Colin Morgan.

the magicians’ guild (trudi canavan)

Yeah…so…haven’t really this book yet but it’s on my to-be-read pile and I thought it sounded perfectly in-sync with a Harry Potter so I added it to this list. Sue me!


One of the weirdest books I’ve read in a little while but it still had an amazing plot with twists around every corner! All the kids are a little different or should I say….peculiar…but they’re really adorable! My favourite has to be Claire because she’s so cute even if she has teeth at the back of her head. She tries to be one of the cheerful kids but gets really shy eating in front of new people because she has to eat through the back of her head. Bless her! I really need to read Hollow City but haven’t got round to it just yet!

the power of five series (anthony horowitz)

You know when you fall in love with a book after the first couple of chapters? That’s what happened to me with this series! I already loved Anthony’s style of riding after having read his Alex Rider series but when I found out he’d written a new YA novel, I had to investigate! These series of books are obviously about five kids who have powers! It’s also similar to Number 4! You get a book per person so you get to find out all about their back history. You have to love the twins. They have such a difficult beginning but still have such a cute closeness…eventually.


There aren’t just witches in Harry Potter. You also have werewolves and vampires involved too and, even though I’m not a massive fan of vampire novels (there are just too many!), I did love the House of Night series. It’s nothing like Twilight other than being set in the US and involving vampires. Haha! It’s about a girl called Zoey who is a fledgling vampire and ends up having to attend a boarding school to help her cope with her new gifts. There are 12 books in total so if you were looking for a longer series to love, then here you go!

The Mediator (Meg Cabot)

Everyone has to have heard about Meg Cabot! She wrote the incredible Princess Diaries!! I love her books so much especially since I love reading fictional diaries. They’re just super interesting and I’m just a nosy kind of gal! This series is a little different to the ones she written in the past. This is all about a teenage girl who can see ghosts as well touch and hear them too. Though she ends up actually falling in love with one called Jesse who died in the nineteenth century! It is very cheesy but it is very cute and there is more to the series than you think there is. You just have to read it to discover what I’m on about.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my lists of what books to read if you love Harry Potter. Obviously not everyone will be interested since these are my personal choices, but obviously you’ll have discovered some books that tickle your fancy!

What books have read because they reminded you of Harry Potter?

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