My Life Living With An Elderly Pet

Elderly Pet

I will always use National Pet Day to spread my love for my little elderly pet, especially since she’s 28 years old and deserves love from everyone! I’ve had her ever since I was a toddler and she has gotten an amazing personality! Let me tell you all about this black cat called Jewel. We got her as a 5-week-old kitten from the Cats Protection! It was not a nice house that my parents went into (you literally had to wipe your feet on the way out) and it was clear that Jewel had had a tough start. She had ear mites, sore ears and was the runt of the litter. My first memory of her was holding her in my dad’s black hat. She was so teeny and fluffy! Instant love!

Fast forward 28 years to my gorgeous elderly pet!

Other than her tough beginning, Jewel has been really healthy! She only had to attend the odd vet appointment for injections and the occasional help with her ears. If anyone else has a black cat, you’ll know that they tend to have small problems with ear mites. Well, at least this little girl did! However, over the last couple of years, she has started to feel her age and get all the typical problems that any elderly pet would have. Since everyone is always surprised about how old Jewel is, I thought I’d tell you what I do to look after her.

elderly pets still deserve love

It doesn’t matter how old the cat is, they still deserve to be loved. If anything, they deserve even more love than before. You wouldn’t ignore your grandparents, would you? Jewel is starting to struggle getting up the stairs so I have to carefully lift her up and carry up. Her joints are pretty sore so I bring up her favourite comfy cushion that has a heat pad under it to help ease any discomfort.

Get used to dealing with surprise ‘presents’

What you don’t realize is that your pet will start going to the toilet all over your home. That litterbox you had inside? They’ll try to use it but will really struggle getting in. I had to go to Pets At Home to buy a lower litter tray for her. However even that doesn’t prevent problems. One of her biggest problems? Constipation. Yep, I’m talking about poop on my blog!! I had to take her to the vets last year to be sorted out and she ended up having to have a small operation (which she stopped breathing during! AH!). That was so scary! Make sure you have water dishes around the place you live. I was told that she has to drink more water so she doesn’t get…erm…blocked up.


You know you hear stories of grumpy pensioners yelling at kids to get off their lawn? Imagine that as a cat with claws who doesn’t want you sitting on your chair. Jewel has gotten pretty moody over the last few months. I don’t remember a time I’ve been bitten so randomly! I’ve had to keep my door shut at night as she’d jumped onto my pillow during the night and bitten me so many times on the arm. Gets a bit nerve-wracking after a while!

be patient with them

Like anyone elderly, they’re going to take a while longer to get places. If you call them for food, bear with them and they will eventually get to you. Recently I’ve discovered that Jewel is going deaf after she’d been stumbling and falling over. We thought it was ear mites again but nope, she’d developed deafness. Instead of calling for her now or shaking her food like I used to, I gently pat the bed or the floor to get her attention without startling her.

If you have an elderly pet such as a dog or cat, high-five to you and your family! If you don’t, there are plenty of elderly pets who are waiting to be adopted!

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