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Hogwarts Mystery | Review & Initial Thoughts

Hogwarts Mystery

I wonder how many others in the UK decided to pretend they were from Australia so they could get the new Harry Potter app ‘Hogwarts Mystery’. Technically we are reigned over by the same queen and I do have family over there so I’m allowed to get it! Haha! When I discovered that we were getting a brand new Potter app that acted like you were accepted into Hogwarts, I immediately followed any Twitter accounts connected to the game! Yeah, I’m a Potter fan on a mission!

First thoughts

Hearing Maggie Smith being McGonagall for the introduction made me smile so wide. It was amazing to hear her again after all these years and it felt just as magical as I thought it would be. This is the closest I’d get to going to Hogwarts (just until they find my lost letter!). The creation of the character is pretty similar to The Sims: you get to determine what their hair is like, what the hair colour is and what they wear. I was a little bit disappointed that there weren’t many choices for me to choose from. That said, I knew the developers would want us to work for those options locked or too expensive. I wish I could have played around with her features a little more like her face. I wasn’t too happy with the way I ended up looking at the end.

It was nice getting the chance to experience Diagon Alley a little, but again, I wish I could have been able to interact more. There were only a couple of areas I could go to like Flourish and Blotts and Olivanders which were fun, but if I was going to be a Hogwarts student, I’d want to visit all the shops that a student would. The details included were really interesting though especially when I was getting the books. If you’re not a fan of apps where you have to use ‘energy’ (clicking 4 times on an items to get it and doing this to gather stars), then you might get a little frustrated.

Is it any surprise that I got sorted into Hufflepuff? My inner badger would cry if I hadn’t and I once called sorted into Gryffindor on Pottermore and that was enough for my soul this decade. You do get the chance to decide where you go depending on your answers, just like the real Sorting Hat and it is really satisfying for your name to be called! What’s more satisfying in that? SEEING THE HUFFLEPUFF COMMON ROOM! It’s one of the areas we never got to see in the films and only seen in pictures, but I could have cried entering and seeing my little virtual self was perfect!

What I’m loving right now (I’m still in my First Year) is the story that the creators have interwoven with the classes. I’m not going to spoil it because it’s probably going to last for a while and it is a whole lot of drama. Let’s just say that your character is going to give Harry a run for his money when it comes to causing a bit of mayhem. The original characters that you become friends with, as well as some familiar names, makes playing amazing. The plot definitely fits in with the name ‘Hogwarts Mystery’ since it’s a total mystery about what the heck is going on and why your character is almost in the centre of it.

My patience does get tested a little when I have to wait for my energy to recharge before I can finish a lesson or a chapter. Another little thing that kind of made me cringe a teeny bit is how some characters around yours did exactly the same movement over and over again at the exact same time. In one Charms class, you have a person sitting next to you who is copying your movements in time with you and it’s a little creepy! Haha!

overall thoughts on hogwarts mystery

Overall, I think it’s an incredible start to my Hogwarts journey and I can’t wait to see what else happens over the next six years! No app is going to be absolutely perfect and what I find a little bit awkward might be absolutely fine for others. I’m so happy to be friends with Rowan and she is the cutest little character friend to have, along with Ben. I do wonder if I’ll eventually make friends with the person making my school life hell but I guess I’ll just have to keep playing and find out!

Hogwarts Mystery? I’m going to give you a 5 out of 10 since I still have 6 years to go at Hogwarts to get me up to 10!

What are you hoping to see on Hogwarts Mystery?

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