My New Flat Wishlist

If you don’t follow me on Twitter, then you won’t have heard the announcement that I will be moving into my new flat next month! Being the broke blogger that I am, I couldn’t help creating a wish-list of items I would love to take with me but knowing that they’re just a little dream for now. Yes, even the cheaper stuff! Darn my poor life! Haha! Moving into a flat of my own is a massive deal for me, especially since it will be a place of my own that wasn’t owned by my parents and very scary, mental health-wise! I have already a few nightmares of people breaking into the flat, the neighbours not liking me and just every thing that a new tenant could possibly think of. I sound so paranoid, don’t I?

Don’t get me wrong…I’m SO excited to get the chance to decorate the flat all in my own taste!! My Hufflepuff palace will finally happen! Ali and Emmie, you girls better be ready to help! I need all the DIY knowledge!  I’ve gotten myself a Pinterest folder of all the things I love the look of from paint (I’m looking towards duck egg!), furniture (broke person again so going to have to save up) and decorations for around the place. That’s where this wish-list comes in to its own! I’ve picked out a bunch of normal things and, of course, nerdy things that I would fit my tastes.

New Flat

1 | Enchanted Forest Tea Cup (£3 – ASDA)
2 | Embossed Floral Tea Canister (£6 – ASDA)
3 | Geometric Yellow & Grey Stripe Duvet Cover (£12 – ASDA)
4 | Umbra Clothesline Multi-Aperture Photo Frame (£35 – John Lewis)
5 | Duck-Egg Contrast Button Cotton Tub Chair (£395 – Oliver Bonas)
6 | Soho Silver Chest – Large (£49 – The Range)
7 | Colette One Drawer Bedside (£69.99 – The Range)
8 | English Oak & Redcurrant Home Candle (£45 – Jo Malone)
9 | Mela Side Plate (£9.95 – Anthropologie)

Starting off with the normal stuff that I fell in love with on sight, I spotted this cup on the George website and I knew straight away that it had to be in my possession as soon as possible. Shame the ASDA gods made it sell out just as I was about to buy it. Hopefully it’ll come back in stock soon! I’m a massive lover of tea and so it would be stupid if I didn’t have a place to put all my green tea-bags! I knew I wanted my new flat to have a kind of stylish edge yet still me! I’ve had my eye on items like this for years so I love that I can allow myself to buy it! Sorry to my friends who are coffee drinkers…my flat will be a tea-only zone! *evil laughter* The reason why I’m sharing so much stuff from ASDA is because their home range is incredible and here’s another for your viewing pleasure! Is it really surprising that I’m going to have yellow in my place? I’m a Hufflepuff after all! Not sure how this will look in little room (I’m actually viewing next week so I’ll see how tiny it will be!) but you can’t go wrong with yellow and grey since it’s Spring.

Isn’t this photo frame so blogger?! You can print out your pictures and hug them up! I’M IN LOVE!! Think this means I’m going to have to run to John Lewis the next time I’m at Meadowhall. Hope it’s there! Remember at the start when I said I would have items that I wish I could own? The chair is one of those! LOOK AT HOW PRETTY IT IS! It looks so comfy and the duck egg tone and yeaaaaah! This is from Oliver Bonas which is still a new shop for me. You don’t see it up North too much!

If you’re broke like me and needing to find another bargain place to buy home-ware from, then you need to check The Range! I’ve gotten so many items in the past to decorate my room like flowers, fake plants and the odd birdcage! Two items that I wish I could take with me are the jewelry box and the bedside table. I know how expensive vintage chests are and, since I’ve always wanted to own a jewelry chest, I saw it and fell head over heels. The same with the bedside. They’re so cute! The last two items are a Jo Malone candle (because you always need a luxury candle burning in your home) and a rather snazzy plate from Anthropologie.

Oh, and if you wondered what my nerdy items wishlist would be? BAM!!

New Flat Wishlist

1 | Hufflepuff Crest Embroidered Banner (£17.95 – Warner Bros Studio Tour)
2 | Book Covers From Hogwarts (£179 – Mina Lima) 
3 | Alohomora Door Mat (£25 – Amara) 
4 | Dumbledore Quote Print (£12 – Etsy)
5 | Harry Potter House Bunting (£12 – Primark)
6 | Hogwarts Crest Woven Throw (£49.95 – Warner Bros Studio Tour)
7 | Nerve Mounted Print (£34.95 – Pottermore)
8 | Hufflepuff Crest Wall Art (£45 – Noble Collection)
9 | Belle Blush Personalised Rose Cushion (£23 – Disney Store)
10 | Doctor Who TARDIS Bluetooth Speaker ($29.49 – BBC Shop)

EVERYTHING IN MY NERDY LIST MUST BE BOUGHT!! NO QUESTIONS ASKED! I already told Ali that I’ve wanted that Hufflepuff wall art would be a center-point for my flat and that hasn’t changed. No Potter palace can be without a Mina Lima print either! I haven’t been able to buy any as of yet but I know that I need to own at least one piece or I’ll be a very bad fan. There won’t be just Potter in my place. Nope! I’m going to get the Belle cushion personalised with my name because it’s gorgeous and rarely anything had Daisy on it as I was growing up so I’m making up for lost time! Oh and DOCTOR WHO SPEAKER! Obviously I wouldn’t be able to blare out my soundtracks loud but the speaker would make life so much easier and IT’S A TARDIS!

What would be on your wishlist when moving home?

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