How I’m Coping With My Anxiety Of Moving Home


It’ll be April in a couple of days and that means moving month! You can imagine that there are so many emotions going on inside me right now from excitement of a new beginning in a place of my own to grief that I’m leaving the place where both my parents had been alive. I’ve been here the longest in my life and very difficult to let go even though I have a love/hate relationship with it. My dad actually passed away upstairs so I don’t have the best of memories here. That said, I did have some okay memories here like laughing with my mum, having TV cameras from the BBC and some other stuff.

I have always moved with my parents in the past and the idea of having to move on my own is stressful. Thankfully I am getting some help from my local council with the moving costs, but still crazy having to find ways to get rid of some of my parents’ furniture that doesn’t suit my taste and choosing what to keep. I’m having a viewing of the flat after Easter so I’ll get a basic idea of the space there and what I have to work with. If there was any time where I could do with winning the lottery, it would be now!

You guess how high my anxiety is at the minute. I’m literally having non-stop attacks every day and it’s so bad. My chest is really tight, I’ve had a couple of nights where I’m just randomly crying and, when I went to see my GP yesterday, she said there was nothing she could do for me since I’m already doing everything. Yeah, that does nothing for me since I’ll have weeks to wait until my first CBT appointment. It’s so stupid sometimes when doctors refuse to give you some temporary help while the situation is stressful. Ah well, looks like it’s up to me to find ways to cope with my moving anxiety!

plan for everything:

I am a massive lover of lists! My friend Lisa got me this gorgeous little Kikki K notebook which I’ve been using to jot down ideas of what I need to plan! I’ve been going on Pinterest and looking up a bunch of moving tips to make things easier for me the weeks before and on the day. You’d be surprised how helpful these have been! I jotted down a ‘Change Address’ checklist with a tick boxes of all the places I need to contact to let them know my new address. Thankfully, being the odd person I am, I don’t actually have that many people to let know which takes off some of that added pressure!

Knowing that I won’t be just happy with a written checklist, I found this really handy printable from Girl About Townhouse which has been a god-send! If you know you have everything planned for, then you can just tick off the boxes and enjoy the process of moving into that new place of your own!

pack yourself a first-night box

I had never considered this an option at first but it’s a pretty obvious thing to do, right? You don’t want to be scavenging through all of your boxes for your toothbrush, tea-bags and essentials! Since we’re talking about what I’ll be like moving, here are some things that will be including in my box:


Bedding (duvet cover and pillow cases)
Toilet paper
Hand soap


Cleaning supplies
Phone charger
Rubbish bags
Pen and paper
Rubber gloves
Permanent marker
Light bulbs


Paper plates
Kitchen towels
Tea bags
Pet food
Knives and forks
Cat litter

This is one way not to worry about not having something important! This is such a new experience to me but I’m actually having a lot of fun.

colour-code your boxes

It’s bad enough having lots of boxes in your room and not being able to figure out what is in each box. This is when my stationery heart sings! If you want to stand a chance, grab colourful stickers/post-it notes and label each of the boxes! You can say what room they’re meant to go in, what’s in them and whether they are fragile/heavy. It makes me feel like I’m going on an adventure and, though it might seem childish, it feels like a game!

I’m thinking about doing more posts about my upcoming move so if you want to see more of these, let me know down in the comments below!

What are your best tips for moving with anxiety?

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    11th May 2018 at 5:25 pm

    It’ll be okay Dee! I just moved and know how stressful it is haha, but I’m FINALLY settled and it feels great. I know I’m like two months late with this (lol) so you’ve probably moved in by now so hope it went well!

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