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How I Stay Happy With A Mental Health Illness

As well as the first day of Spring (even thought it is FREEZING), it is International Day of Happiness! One of the questions I’m asked by some of my family is ‘how can you be happy when you’re supposed to be depressed’? Insert dramatic eye-roll right here. It is a serious misconception that people who have mental health illnesses can never be happy and are forever depressed. I’m here to tell you that the majority of the time I’m okay…obviously I’m on a high level of medication to help me, but I can laugh and smile like everyone else. If you have depression, anxiety, bipolar or another mental health problem and are feeling like you can never be happy again, you can.

Everyone is different!

When I’m happy, I can sing and dance around my living room to Queen or Disney songs and giggle with my friends online. When I’m low, I have no energy whatsoever to eat or get out of bed. I thought I’d share what I do that helps put a smile on my face.

Singing to my favourite songs makes me happy

If anyone looked at the music on my phone, they would wonder what is going on since I’m literally all over the place with songs. I go from relaxed (Enya), 90s cheese (Steps, Boyzone, Venga Boys), TV themes (Pokemon, Monkees) to Rock (Metallica, AC/DC). I’m actually really picky with my music and only choose the songs that made me happy when I was younger or in the past. I know for certain that play the Pokemon theme tune will immediately get me grinning and turning it up full blast! You can never go wrong! GOTTA CATCH THEM ALLLLLL!

Sitting in the sun makes me happy

We might not have gotten much sun lately with the Beast From The East and its twin brother hitting the UK, but since it’s Spring and the weather is set to get warmer than it has been, I’ll be taking full advantage of my local park to sit in the sun. It’s away from the busy roads and the only sounds I can hear are the wind blowing through the trees and birds singing. This always makes me happy and I love it!

Being part of a fandom makes me happy

Well duh! I’m a fandom blogger so of course being a part of a fandom would make me feel happy! Fandoms, especially Harry Potter, are like one big family that you catch up with every now and again for happy occasions. With the Crimes of Grimmauld teaser coming out lately, Twitter got overwhelmed with us Potterheads losing it over seeing Eddie and Jude. I’m still fangirling over it now! You can do so much together as a fandom such as chatting about the latest news, discussing theories that have been spoken about way too often but always end up finding new ways to look at them, preparing for new stuff like episodes, releases and more. I’m not just a part of the Harry Potter fandom…look at my blog banner!

Talking to friends makes me happy

I know…I know. This is such a Hufflepuff answer but it’s true! I may struggle chatting to people offline but I do have people I’ve known for years who I can chat with so easily. I’ve got fellow fangirls/boys, people who suffer from mental health like me (and let me cry to them when things get too much), theatre people, friends who live on the other side of the world…you get the idea. I love hearing about their day, what they’re up to and catching up even though we usually talk every other day!

Being happy makes me happy

Suffering with depression does make it really hard to be happy sometimes especially when something triggers you and could last for days or even weeks. It’s trying to capture those little moments when the pressure is lifted off for a moment and allow yourself to smile even just a little bit. Today I’ve been able to have a laugh with a few people even though I’m also feeling really anxious about my weight. It’s a weird thing but even if the happiness lasts only a few hours, I’ll take it!

What makes you happy?

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