5 Youtubers I Was Addicted With In March


With March coming to an end (good riddance, I say! Stupid snow!), I thought I’d start chatting about my favourites for the month but in parts. This first part, as you can see from the title, is all about the Youtubers who I’ve either loved for a while or only just discovered this month! You’ll see that my tastes are really randomly so if I lose you along the way, I did warn you! Some you may have heard of before and others you will not have heard before but should have!

thomas sanders

Alright, so seeing as he has over 2 million subscribers, you’ve probably heard of Thomas before but I’m still including him. My blog, my rules! I was actually a big fan of him when he was more known for his Vines and I was giggling away at whatever he created! Seriously…how did he come up with so many great ideas that were really relatable too?! Ever since Vine closed (RIP), he transitioned over to Youtube and it’s no surprise that he’s just as amazing, maybe even better! He is an incredible actor and singer which you can see in his latest video (DISNEY MASHUP!), has created a group of characters that are based on different aspects of his personality: Patton (Morality), Virgil (Anxiety), Roman (Creativity) and Logan (Logic). I love the Sander Sides videos the most since I suffer from anxiety so can definitely relate to Virgil a lot with looking negatively at things but then you have Patton is so freaking adorable! GAHHH!

fly with stella

This will probably seem like a weird choice, but watching vlogs of a flight attendant’s life is so interesting and, once you watch a few of Stella’s videos, you’ll understand why you end up subscribing. I found her when I was searching for ‘What’s In My Bag’ videos. Yeah…I love watching those! I’m a nosy girl, alright?! Stella is really infectious with her laughter, her enthusiasm and stories when she travels around the US and the world. I bet all my Travel blogger friends will love this! Yep, I’m looking at you, Katy and Charlie!


My performer side instantly latched onto Jess’ videos mostly because of her singing and then because she loves Harry Potter and Disney! She’s literally like an American version of me except more prettier and more talented than me! Hahah! This girl seriously needs to get onto Broadway already so I can buy a ticket to watch her perform and fangirl. Though I already do that on Instagram so I’m waiting to be blocked any day now! I found her after looking for songs from the Addams Family Musical. I found her singing Pulled and, before I knew it, I was subscribed! If you need another reason to love this lady, she has a rabbit called Lumos! HE’S SO CUTE!


Holly is a recent find! One of my friends has gotten into Cambridge University so I wanted to look more into the place and somehow stumbled upon Holly! I actually didn’t start with her uni vlogs as I saw she did ‘Study With Me’ videos and, being a stationery lover, I loved seeing all the different types of pens and techniques she used to study! These are still really handy even if you’ve not been at school for 10 years. I’m olddddd! Holly is such a sweetheart! I love getting the chance to look around a place I’ve always wondered about but knew I’d never get into so I’m living the life through her! Hehe. She’s intelligent, a great dancer and a vegan!


Another study vlogger who I love and this one is all inspired by Hermione Granger! There are not enough youtubers out there who are based off a love for a Harry Potter character! She doesn’t pretend to be Hermione, but does ‘Study With Me’, revision techniques and is basically a real-life person who is the closest thing to Hermione that I’ve seen! She’s so polite and inspiring since you can tell how much effort she puts into her school-work! I wish someone like this had been around when I’d been doing my GCSEs and A-Levels! Stupid fact that I’m old!

Which Youtubers have you been loving this month? (I need more people to watch!)

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    29th March 2018 at 5:22 pm

    Thomas Sanders was the only one I knew on this list so will definitely be checking the others out, so thank you for the recommendations Daisy! <3 – Tasha

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