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4 Ways To Celebrate Your House Pride Day

House Pride

Over the last few days, all the Hogwarts Houses have been celebrating their House pride through special days! First we had my House (Hufflepuff) and today we have the house of the brave…Gryffindor! I don’t know if it’s just me but I’m always showing off my love for Hufflepuff so I thought that I’d share some of the ways that I have been celebrating and showing off my house pride to the muggle world!

Show your House Pride through colour

There is no better way to show off how proud you are of being at Hogwarts than wearing the colour that goes with your particular House. This works especially if you don’t have any of the uniform to hand. You can easily find yellow, red, green or blue in your wardrobe somewhere and it doesn’t even have to be full-on! You know yourself that what the colour represents and that is enough sometimes!

If you do have a uniform or a t-shirt with your House name, then throw that on! You would be amazed at how many people will comment on your outfit. I had a few people give the thumbs-up when I was wearing my Hufflepuff shirt from Loot Crate and you just knew they were fellow badgers! I loved it! Haha!

Post it all over social media

One thing I love about our generation is that we’re very quick at posting what we love on our social media and I’m totally guilty of this. No shame though! Take pictures of your favourite characters from your House like Newt Scamander, Luna Lovegood, Scorpius Malfoy…you get the gist! Don’t just stop at Twitter…go mad on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, WhatsApp! No social media is safe from our love!

I need no excuse to plaster pictures, quotes and the like wherever I go. I think it’s pretty much accepted by everyone that I’m always going to be the Potter-crazed girl who needs to be friends with every Potterhead! I love when people get creative with their posts too!

Make a Youtube Video

Youtube isn’t escaping from us! Nope! If you have a Youtube channel or follow a Youtuber who is also a Harry Potter fan, then don’t be afraid to make a video about your house pride or to tell that vlogger how proud you that they’re in the same House as you. Vegard and Seamus…I LOVE YOU GUYS!! (Please don’t get a restraining order on me! XD)

You could talk about the best characters (they don’t even have to be from your bunch!), share quotes that meant a lot to you, do a speed drawing or even dress up in cosplay and make a music video. There are so many ideas!

Draw some fan art

If the idea of sitting in front of a camera is a little too scary but you can draw (even if you can’t! I do a mean stick-man!), then draw away!! Recreate your Hogwarts uniform, doodle the Founders of Hogwarts, sketch the actors who played characters in the films! LET YOUR IMAGINATION GO WILD!!

Whatever you feel comfortable doing, do it! You could simply wear a badge and that would be enough.

Happy #GryffindorPrideDay to all the lions out there! (Looking at you, Laura!)

How do you show your House Pride?

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