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3 Ways I’m Discovering My Own Look

One of my big goals for 2018 (yes, I know we’re in March!) was to tackle a major flaw I have which is my body confidence. I have battled with this ever since I was a teenager and I finally decided that enough was enough. I needed to start finding ways to sort this part of me out once and for all. I’m tackling the psychological side through CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) but only I could put it into practice.

I’ve loved looking at fashion from reading/watching my favourite fashion bloggers, checking out all the new trends happening at fashion weeks to trying to discover what designers people are wearing on red carpets. I find it really interesting seeing their stylists putting together these gorgeous looks from the runway and yet putting their own edge on it. That’s what my babbling here is trying to explain: I’m currently going through a little self-experiment on discovering my own look.

As a teen, I didn’t even really try looks out and instead stuck to wearing baggy hoodies and jeans. Very comfy and something I still wear at home but not much to look at when you’re out and about. Well, I have worn out in the last week due to it being freaking freezing outside!

I thought I’d share with you the 3 ways I’m discovering my own look and slowly finding out who I am. I’m never going to be a fashion blogger because I’m pretty odd but trying anyway!

Look at bloggers you admire but don’t copy their look

I love reading posts from some of my favourite bloggers where they’re sharing their latest outfit pictures and you have that little fangirl over them and the stuff they’re wearing. In the past I have tried to do my best to copy what some of the bigger bloggers were wearing to try and fit in with people, but it has never worked. It will never work because I’m not them! That’s their style and they’re usually a lot skinner than me anyway. Haha! That said, I’m learning to take some inspiration. With HelloMissJordan, I love the feminine look Jordan embraces with her Ted Baker dresses, her tulle and how comfortable she looks. Thanks to her, I’m taking myself out of my comfort zone a little and trying to add some girly touches to what I wear like chokers and, when the weather starts to get a little warmer, dresses! YAY!

Don’t be afraid to be different

Oh, this has been a toughie! I was bullied so much at school for not wearing what everyone else was and it really knocked my confidence for looking like anyone, including myself. That’s why I went for the hoodies because I could hide my body and not make any effort in case someone wanted to mock me. It’s only in the last couple of years that I have started to knock down the wall I’d created around myself and allow myself to feel happy with being different. I know I don’t necessarily look all that different but the fact that I’m showing my fandom love in my look is a big deal! I don’t even bat an eyelid at throwing on a Star Wars or a Harry Potter t-shirt. They make me so happy and that what I feel fashion is about! You can thank Zoe London and Midnight In Lace for this.

Don’t rush yourself

It’s so easy to throw all of the bits and pieces you’ve been inspired by and try to put everything into an outfit. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve triggered my anxiety and body hate by rushing myself. Between that and not having any of the funds to buying what I want. I’m doing my best to use the pieces I have loved after scouring the internet and putting them onto a Pinterest board. These are my goals! I make a list of what I need to do in my life that I usually struggle with and, every time I get them done, I add money to a pot so I can eventually buy what I want to wear. It makes going into store and buying it even more excited!

It’s probably to take me a while until I’m fully comfortable in my own look but at least I can say that I’m doing my best and, if I can get my mental health more stable, then maybe the confidence will increase a little. A bit of wishful thinking never did anybody any harm, did it?

How have you been discovering your own look?

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