25 Ideas To Fill Your Empty Notebooks

Empty Notebooks

I can vouch that I’m not the only one out there that is obsessed with stationery, especially notebooks. I love getting the chance to buy new notebooks with gorgeous covers if I visit PaperchaseWHSmith or even stalking online. There is so much to choose from and I love it! The problem with buying any empty notebooks is that I hate using them in case I make mistakes and ruin them! I know the whole purpose of them is to be filled but they are so pretty!!

With lots of birthdays happening and everyone getting notebooks as presents or treating themselves to some on payday, here are some ideas for filling them:

  1. Dreams (either the ones you have at night or the ones you aim for in life)
  2. Travel Scrapbook & Journal
  3. Letters To Friends (a book that you send to a friend/to friends with a letter and they reply to it and send it back)
  4. Letters To Heaven
  5. Your Favourite Quotes/Lyrics
  6. A Gratitude Journal
  7. A Reading Log (remember all the books you’ve read and any passages that you particularly loved)
  8. Favourite Recipes
  9. A Blog Log (use it for your own blog or for your favourite blogs)
  10. An Inspiration Journal (full of mood boards/magazine cutouts)
  11. Your Favourite Washi Tape Swatches
  12. Tweets That Made You Laugh/Your Heart Melt
  13. Art Practice (drawings or doodles)
  14. Mental Health Tracker (talk about low days, triggers, CBT appointments)
  15. A Meal Planner
  16. Things You Wanted To Say But Didn’t
  17. A Book of Lists
  18. Relationship Scrapbook
  19. Collage Moodboards (seasons, words)
  20. Favourite Instagram Pictures
  21. A Year In Red Carpet Looks
  22. Time Tracker
  23. A Nature Journal
  24. Letters To Your Baby
  25. Brush Letter Practice

It’s safe to say that I’m going to be using some of these for my own notebooks if I can get away from the whole ‘OMG I’M GONNA MESS THIS UP). I hope that these ideas help you to get things written down and maybe you’ll get some memories jotted down that you’ll appreciate later in life.

Are you guilty of owning too many empty notebooks?

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    24th March 2018 at 11:06 pm

    Daisy this is perfect as I’ve got several notebooks that only have a few things in and I want to get into the habit of writing each day again, so this list is perfect! Thank you! – Tasha

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